Best Electric Razor for Women: Essential Buying Guide

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Choosing the Best Electric Razor for Women

Amongst the total mass of household devices used by people, the electric shaver has accurately the significant place, if not leading one. Note that present-day technology of the electric shaver production completely covers the requirements of civil choice. Only sometimes one awkward question is worrying – how to choose the best electric razor for women amongst the existent variety of models? Some choose an electric razor for women’s legs that has the ability to operate in either wet or dry condition. This allows the option of either shaving in the bath or afterward.

Brief Review of Popular Electric Shavers

It is difficult to choose something ultra-perfect amongst the wide array of the existing equipment. But there are some constructions, which deserve high attention. Getting acquainted with them will give more information to realize which electric shaver is best for you. The reviews of original models will inform you with the necessary information when choosing the best electric shaver for women amongst all the advanced constructions.

Best Women’s Electric Razor: Philips SatinShave

Description:  Phillips SatinShave is a complete 5 piece hair removal kit. It glides smoothly and comfortably with the unique floating foil and rounded pearl trimmers that protect your skin from irritation. It’s wet-dry with an anti-slip grip and ergonomic handle. It has rechargeable lithium batteries provide one hour of cordless use.There is a battery indicator light which displays the battery level and also indicates when it’s charging so you will never have the inconvenience of a flat battery half way through your shave.

User tip: Hold the shaver at a 90-degree angle for best results.

Included: Shaving head comb, soft glide cap, travel pouch, soft glide cap & efficiency cap.


Unique Tool Braun Silk-épil Cordless Electric Shaver+Epilator for Women 2 in 1

Description: Silk-épil 9 wet and dry epilator is everything you ever need and more. The shaver head and the trimmer cap is included to transform your epilator into a complete electric shaver for hair removal.  It even includes an exfoliating brush removes makeup with ease and exfoliates 6x better than manual cleansing. The Silk-épil 9 is 100% waterproof and comfortable to use in the shower.

This device has wide epilation head, for faster hair removal results, and breakthrough MicroGrip tweezer technology with wider and deeper long tweezers to remove hairs with precision.

Included: 7 extra attachments including a shaver head, a trimmer cap, a high-frequency massage cap, a skin contact cap, a charging stand for an always charged device and a BONUS facial brush.

Brief History of Electric Shaver

The history observed a wide range of efforts to invent an automation device for shaving. But all these attempts ended in the creation of unsuccessful constructions for a long time. At last, radio engineer by the name of Alexandre Horowitz worked for the company Philips had succeeded in making something similar in the late 1930s. The only choice had appeared in the world market and it was the first rotary electric shaver Philishave Shaver.

Twenty years after this event, the models of electric shavers provided with the self-contained supply units – accumulators were sold in full blast. By the beginning of the year 1960, the universal type devices went on sale, which has presented the opportunity to choose between the devices powered by the line supply or battery. When operating from mains the accumulator switched over to the charging mode.

Around the same time, the manufacturing technique of plastics has been started to explore with success. The manufacturers of electric shavers began to produce the more stylish, compact and practical devices. The unlimited horizons have opened up for the engineering ideas, as the assortment of goods of today’s market clearly demonstrates. It really has made the potential users to choose the electric shavers taking into account the different criteria including the peculiarities of its design.

Who Would Know How to Choose Electric Shaver

For unsophisticated people, the matter of selection of a women’s electric razor is actually not as simple as it seems initially. By definition, the such-like devices should have some constructive peculiarities, which influence on the final solution. And there exist, as follows:

  • type of working mechanism (rotary, vibratory);
  • cutter elements (disk-shaped, grid);
  • presence or absence of a bikini hair trimmer;
  • line supply, accumulator or universal power supply;
  • crest factor, color, case material etc.

To choose an electric shaver straight off, not turning attention to the stated list of the technical features is equal to select the goods with eyes closed. Upon taking into account the current information about devices for shaving, you will be able to choose the best electric razor for women at a level of expert. We will start.

By fact, whether it is rotary constructions or vibratory models – both types of devices for automated shaving have shown not bad results in practice. The buyer cannot manage with determination, which electric shaver is categorically better – rotary or vibratory. Both constructions are good. Another matter is the design of cutters. The shavers are completed with one of two types of cutters:

  1. disk-shaped (floating, fixed),
  2. grid (floating, fixed).

What has characterized the choice of an electric shaver according to the constructive features of the cutters? Let’s break it down…

Design Features of Electric Shavers for Women

The independent design of the shaving device, each such-like construction is provided with two cutters. One of them is firmly fixed, the second one constantly moves during work of the mechanism. The hairs are getting into the apertures of the fixed cutter and then shave by the floating cutter. The procedure is the same for all the types of shavers, but there are some features. To some extent, the general review of one or another option of the cutting mechanism may help to figure out, whether rotary or grid shaver is better.

The disc cutters are the metallic elements in form of plate. The fixed part of the cutter has a lot of small cut-outs on the flat surface. The movable part is provided with the cutting blades which are also sharpened at the moment of moving (self-sharpening blades). The selection of the electric shaver with disk-shaped cutters is often conditioned by the presence of replacement kit of these cutting elements (usually not less than two-three). Also, many models are completed with the “floating” spring-actuated fixed blades. Such constructive decision provides with the better contact between the razor and skin.

Grid cutters are metallic plate elements. The fixed part of cutting mechanism has usually a form of the curved plate. The movable element is the same plate (oftentimes several plates) with a little smaller size, which reciprocates towards the fixed element.

The mechanism with one grid cutter has been widely distributed, it should be mentioned when solving how to choose the best lady electric razors of this category. However, there is a great deal of two-grid and three-grid constructions. The mechanism of grid cutters acts by means of a magnetic field, which makes the movable plates to vibrate. That is why the electric shavers with grid cutters are often known as “vibratory”. This fact is useful for selecting the electric shaver, too.

What Manufacturers Say about Shavers

It is difficult to find the manufacturer, who unmercifully criticizes his brainchild. The producers of shaving devices are not an exception. If ask the manufacturers, what is the better grid or rotary shaver, the answers will promise to be categorical.

For instance, the owners of companies that designed the vibratory electric shavers declare about the advantages of this type of devices. The manufacturers confirm their arguments with follows aspects:

  • more qualitative shaving by means of the less breadth of the grid;
  • perfect option for shaving sensitive skin;
  • fewer injuries on the skin cover.

The owners of firms produced the disk-shaped electric shavers try not to give way the rivals. They insistently recommend purchasing a device with disk-shaped cutters to all the buyers, who think which model of electric shaver to choose. And the manufacturer’s insistence is for good reasons:

  • qualitative shaving of the coarse, tough stubble;
  • apparent power of disk-shaped cutters in comparison with the grid;
  • disk-shaped cutters provide with the purest shaving.

By the way, the practical usage of electric shaving devices accompanies with the disappointing picture of grid cutters work. As it turns out, this kind of cutting elements have a short period of life. The grid of fixed cutter is quickly worn, and as a consequence the frequent replacement of these elements is necessary. Thanks to the organization of sales of the cheap replacement grid cutters, the great influence on the vibratory electric shavers has not been mentioned. But the inconvenience for the user is obvious.

How to Choose The Best Women’s Electric Razor according to Power Supply and Functionality

  • The selection of household appliances in many ways depends on the place where this equipment will be used. However, there is a substantial point amongst the advantages of electric shaving devices that is the universality of the power supply. Actually, this aspect allows not thinking a lot, what electric shaver to choose because the most part of the modern products supports the universal type of power supply. Taken as a whole, at user’s choice the models are presented with follows types of power supply:
  • AC main with voltage of 110/220 volt,
    • powered by automobile cigar socket, where the voltage is 12V,
    • mini accumulators Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, Li-Ion,
    • galvanic elements (alkaline and acid batteries).

The lion’s share of the modern electric shavers is endued with the extended functionality. In this case, the user can best solve by his own, which electric shaver is better – one, which is provided with the LED indicator of accumulator charge control or another one, which is integrated with the charge time control display. From viewpoint of the better capability of charge, accumulation and energy output, it is preferable to choose an electric shaver with a lithium-ion battery. This kind of supply elements wears well and possesses high efficiency.

The best ladies electric razor often comes equipped with a self-contained cleaning system which takes a great liking from the owner. Besides, the docking station of many models of electric shavers is meant for not only the cutters cleaning. The same system often fulfills the automatic accumulator charge. The only nuance is that a special liquid is required for the self-contained cleaning station to work which is additional expenses for the user.

A lot of devices designed by mark Panasonic supports the moist shaving mode. The owner of the equipment may apply the gels, foams and any other moistening agents for shaving. Devices with moist shaving mode are acceptable to use, for instance, during taking a bath or under douche. The leak proof construction secures the device from moisture. But the usage of electric shaver on such conditions is possible only if the device is powered by an accumulator. When the device is switched on electric mains, the automatics will block it.


Against the backdrop of the vast variety of equipment for shaving, the task how to choose an electric shaver is completed much easier than a hundred years ago. At that time the assortment was limited to the simplest manual disposable razors, and even as much as a usual well-sharpened kitchen knife. Nowadays, thanks to the wide array, the comfort of hygienic procedures are on the top level, and the buyer should just to solve what is better to choose – the grid or rotary shaver? Let’s hope that present informational buying guide will enrich the conscience of the potential consumer, giving the possibility to easily choose and buy an electric shaver for womens legs, private hygiene, and anywhere of desired hair removal.

Shaving doesn’t remove hair from the root which means the hair grows back rather quickly. To prolong the effects of shaving consider applying a hair growth inhibitor cream to the area which will slow down the growth of hairs and nourish the skin after shaving meaning the need to shave will be less frequent.


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      Manufacturers generally suggest changing them once every 12-18 months. This will depend on how often the electric shaver is being used and also how heavy the hair is that is being shaved as it may be necessary to do so more frequently if your hair is very thick and coarse.

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