Different Types of Tweezers for Plucking Eyebrows

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The harmony and beauty of the face depend greatly on the eyebrows. The neat shapes of well-groomed eyebrows highlight your best features.

Eyebrows may make a woman look younger and more put-together; they visually correct the facial contours and even completely change its expression, bringing together the whole appearance. The secret of impeccable eyebrows lies in having the best eyebrow tweezers.


Tweezers is a small tool in which two narrow ends are connected at one end leaving the other ends on the opposite side free to be opened and closed making them ideal for precise and accurate hair removal.

They are an essential beauty tool for every woman.

How to Choose Tweezers

Today we have a large variety available on the cosmetic market. Before making a purchase it is worth defining the material that they’re made of; either stainless steel and plastic. Cosmeticians recommend tweezers made of stainless steel as they do not contain any toxic impurities; they are convenient for disinfection and endurable. Even the best tweezers made from plastic will fail to function properly rather quickly.

According to the shape of the tweezers, they may present by itself the two soldered up at one end slabs or scissors. The variant that resembles scissors at the end is inconvenient for a long-time plucking, but it is practical to remove ingrown hair.

Now let’s turn our attention to the operating edge of the instrument. According to its form the following types of tweezers may be subdivided:

  • Straight
  • Sharpened
  • Pointed
  • Slanted

What you choose depends completely on the hair density and peculiarities of its structure. If the hair is coarse and hard to be removed it is worth to select the straight or slanted instrument. These have the ability not only to cope with the most stubborn hair but also help to create the perfect form of brows.

Tweezers with the sharpened edges are recommended for women with the bushy eyebrows. The form of this instrument makes it is easy to grab a small growing hair. Also, these tweezers are ideal for those who just starting to learn the process of plucking their eyebrows on their own.

If you need detailed correction of your brows or you are prone to ingrown hairs, you should choose the tweezers with the thin edges or so-called pointed tip tweezers.

Automatic tweezers are becoming increasing popularity. It has a rather cunning mechanism: the operating tweezers are inside the construction which moves it back after grabbing the required hair. It makes the plucking process quicker and less painful, not to mention the construction of these are convenient for everyone. For the sufficient work the preliminary practice is required, otherwise, the plucking process may run over for long.

There is sometimes a lighting inside the instrument. Initially, this may seem extremely convenient as it is anticipated that the additional illumination will ease the process of plucking and help articulate the separate hair which should be removed. But actually, these are suitable only for detailed correction. During the procedure, your eyes may quickly get tired from the brightly lighted tweezers.

After making the decision of which instrument is best for you, please take advantage of the following advice.

  1. Grip the tweezers and conveniently and comfortably lay them in your hand.
  2. Attentively observe the surface. It should be absolutely smooth and straight.
  3. Purchase these instruments in professional shops where close consultations are given and the opportunity to sharpen the tweezers is offered.

There is no common agreement on the best tweezers for eyebrows. Each woman must make an effort to find out the perfectly suitable tweezers for herself, taking into account her eyebrow characteristics and individual preferences. The practice has shown that in most cases the several tweezers are necessary: one straight or slanted for creating the form of your brows and the second tweezers with sharp and thin edges for removing separate individual hair.

How to Use the Tweezers?

  • Wash your hands before the procedure. Also, do not forget to disinfect the skin and instrument by means of the alcoholic lotion.
  • Operate with two hands: gently stretch the skin with one hand, ensure the area you are plucking is tight and firmly grip the tweezers with the other hand. This method will help to decrease the pain feelings during the correction.
  • Do not try to grab several hairs. It will not only increase the pain but also decrease the accuracy of your plucking. You may remove hair from a spot where you didn’t initially intend to.
  • If you face the problem of an ingrown hair, steam the skin and proceed with a scrub. Then use tweezers with sharpened edges and accurately hook up the hair. In order to avoid of this reoccurring, always remove the hair only in the direction of its growth and regularly implement skin peeling.
  • If you pluck your hair regularly, you will notice soon that separate hairs slow down in growth. Therefore it is important to select an appropriate eyebrow form. Since the change of the form usually takes a lot of time and efforts.

Service Life of Tweezers and Possible Breakdowns

The durability of a quality pair of tweezers is unlimited. In order to keep your tweezers in good nick, follow these simple rules:

  • Do not drop the tweezers.
  • Keep them in a protective case.
  • Disinfect the tweezers after each use.

However, even with the appropriate care, tweezers will break after time, like most things; simply put: “Wear and Tear”. If it cannot grab the separate hairs or pluck them with ease, it has most likely become blunt, although it can easily be fixed.

So then, how to sharpen the eyebrow tweezers? Carefully rub the surface tips with the flint-paper and then the instrument will be ready for effective use once again.

If you have an opportunity for a professional specialist to sharpen the instrument then, by all means, do so. Do not forget to do this every 6 months, as in this case; the same tweezers will be more durable and can be used for many years.

Eyebrow Correction without Tweezers

Eyebrow plucking with tweezers is the most convenient and simple method of eyebrow correction. But in a situation when your favorite tweezers have become inadequate for whatever reason, you may want to try alternative methods.

How to Shape Eyebrows without Tweezers?

  1. The correction by a fiber allows creating the perfect form, but to manage the procedure without any proper experience or aid is practically impossible. This technique is called threading and it can be mastered without practice with a hair removal threading tool.
  2. By means of an eyebrow trimmer, the brows can be cut forming a beautiful shape without plucking. This way is suitable for women who have sensitive skin or low threshold to pain.
  3. An epilator is a popular device and many people do use this method for correcting their brows. Although it has significant disadvantages such as in-grown hairs and it is extremely very painful.
  4. Eyebrow correction with hard wax is ideal for shaping brows but it is not not recommended to do by yourself. Only a professional cosmetologist can properly apply and remove the wax lines. To wax your eyebrows from home, you can purchase wax strips in a specific form for perfectly shaping brows.

Tweezing in Other Areas

Most of us use tweezers for not only shaping our brows but for plucking out individual hairs in other areas too. If you find you often spend time in front of the mirror trying to pluck light facial hair then perhaps a tool called a spring hair remover is an additional beauty tool you may like to consider. It’s intended for the removal unwanted light facial hairs which eliminate the need to individually pluck light hairs which are often hard to see until you are in front of the sun. The device is portable, travel-friendly and absolutely affordable. To combat the same problem of unwanted facial hair in a faster manner, another option would be to use a depilatory cream to remove the hair and follow up an application of a hair growth inhibitor which will actually slow down the growth of hair in the area.

Irrespective of whether you prefer to go to a cosmetician or do your eyebrow correction at home, the qualitative and convenience of tweezers is an irreplaceable instrument, which is necessary for each and every woman. It allows resolving the problem of hairs quickly and painlessly and amplifying a harmonious appearance.


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    • fotoepil says:

      Hi Nicola 🙂
      Firstly, clean your tweezers with soap and water before every tweezing session with an antibacterial soap and pat the tweezers clean using a clean, cotton cloth. Secondly to sanitize the tip of your tweezers, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or peroxide for a deep clean, then rinse the tweezers with water after sanitizing to prevent the harsh components from irritating your skin.

    • fotoepil says:

      Store your tweezers in a clean, dry place. Clean your storage container at least once a month to keep dirt and dust away from the tips.

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