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How to Choose a Hair Trimmer?

There are many types of hair trimmers available today, suitable for different areas that require hair trimming. Certain areas are not easily accessible without the help of a trimmer. So it’s convenient to have specific trimmers for these areas as they make trimming unwanted hair in hard to reach areas much easier. This article will assist you in finding the perfect trimmer for your needs, with recommendations and all the buying tips you should take into account before making a purchase.

Many sales advisors in shops may mislead a customer by misinforming that the trimmer is a usual hair cutting machine. That is wrong. The device for removal and haircut. It can be a separate instrument or an element of an men’s or women’s electric razor or clippers. The purpose of the trimmer is to clip the hair, mustaches, beards and eyebrows, to remove hair growing out of the ears and nose.

Trimmers are universal, or as additional optional features of a basic hair cutting machine, also it can have an extra head of feminine epilator. There are the trimmers for men, for women and also they may include a hair styler.

The styler is a kind of trimmer, which is designed for hygienic removal of the excessive hair in private areas. The styler can be applied for removal of the hair-covering on small parts of the body, for instance, clipping whiskers.

Trimmer for Men

The trimmer for men should be multifunctional.  It should perfectly trim the hairs in areas of tight access, remote areas like zones behind the ears, in the chin dimples and in the area of whiskers. You don’t want to have to purchase a separate ear trimmer, nose trimmer, and eyebrow trimmer! What’s the point in that when one device can be purchased with certain attachments for each specific area?

A Nose Trimmer with Attachments for Trimming Everywhere

The best nose trimmer with all different attachments is a totally multifunctional device. Providing the ability to not only trim but also thin and make the necessary form of a mustache and beard, creating the effect of a sexy three-day stubble. While getting rid of hair in unwanted confined spaces and following the new fashion trends, men can easily and quickly be perfectly groomed. Mustaches and beards of the latest styles can be created by the means of a trimmer at home.

As for a men’s trimmer, it’s important to have a regulated head for a hair cutting from 1mm to the max limit of 12mm with intervals of 1-2mm.

Best Nose Hair Trimmer

After going over several nose hair trimmer reviews and weighing out the pros and cons of several devices you can come to a conclusion of the best nose trimmer for you. Removal of undesirable hairs in the nose and ears a separate device is most commonly sold specifically as an ear and nose trimmer. In this case, it has a focused specialization; it is designed exclusively for removal of hairs from these areas as no other device or tool can serve this duty quite the same. Even with the best tweezers this area would be too painful and difficult to do alone, while I know waxing these areas with hard wax is sometimes an option in salons but if there’s a device that can do it without the need to leave the house then that’s the optimal choice. To select the best nose hair trimmer you should take a close look at the head; it must be small, have no visual defects like barbs or chips. Otherwise, you will get an uncomfortable wound not healing for a long time. It is preferred for the ear and nose trimmer to be steam-lined with a rotating head and narrow tip. By reading over nose hair trimmer reviews and making comparisons of the best ear and nose trimmers, finding the perfect trimmer for your needs will be easy.

Best Ear Hair Trimmer

Getting rid of unruly ear hair can be easy and quick with the right device. Some even come with the option of wet to dry which means you can remove ear hair while in the shower. Choosing the best ear hair trimmer doesn’t have to be difficult. You just have to understand what it is exactly that you want. Some nose and ear trimmers are often powered by standard AA batteries meaning they can literally be easily taken anywhere.

Eyebrow Trimmer

In order for a man to keep his eyebrows from getting extremely bushy and out of control looking, he can resort to a men’s eyebrow trimmer. These are popular and suitable for men who don’t want to define their brows in anyway as women do but to simply eliminate the thickness. Some of the best eyebrow trimmers for men are equipped with attachments for trimming the ear and nose hairs as well.

Trimmer for Beard and Moustaches

The best options are models with a battery or accumulator power supply type because they are portable and can be easily taken on the business trip or a journey. Moreover, accumulators and batteries provide the avoidance of tangling the electric wire. A power-line supply for a trimmer is necessary only in the case when the accumulator has a completely flat battery.

Trimmers for beard and mustaches are equipped with a watertight case guaranteeing not only the ease of use but also convenient cleaning. The best variants will have an edging blade is made of high-class stainless steel.

Choose a firm case and convenient handle for the purpose of comfort during the trimming procedure. High-quality razors guarantee a magnificent result without pain.

Trimmers for Women

A women’s trimmer is a more delicate device. They are self-contained trimmers or acting as the head of the feminine epilator. The main requirement by choice is its delicacy. Female skin is much thinner and tenderer than men’s, especially in the area of underarm and bikini zone. The trimmer should not cause abrasions, cuts, and irritations after the application.
The feminine models have relevant heads for eye brushes, which are, as a rule, identic with the heads of men’s trimmers according to the shape, although, they are far smaller.

Best Eyebrow Trimmer

For all those ladies out there who aren’t a fan of tweezing their brows or have a low pain tolerance but still want to have a perfect shape maintained without taking a visit to the salon, an eyebrow trimmer is just the portable device you need. It’s easy and fast to keep your brows in check.

Buying Tips

  • Choose the models without a standard power supply cord; these trimmers are charged by means of a charging device and can work for 30-40 minutes. The supply-line trimmer is hardly convenient in exploitation because oftentimes beard trimming and shaving procedures are made in the bathroom, and however, there are electrical outlets are not always apparent in bathrooms.
  • Turn your attention to models with a dual voltage range which will give you the possibility to travel with your trimmer all over the world. The trimmer will perfectly operate by voltage ranges of 100V and 240V.
  • There are trimmers which can be charged by automobile cigar socket that is extremely convenient on the trip.
  • A trimmer with several mode operations is convenient to have. Allowing you to choose a gentle or intensive regime; allowing to substantially take your time with intricate fine-line works.
  • Some models are able to “memorize” approximately six operational regimes.
  • Look over the models supported the dry and moist shaving options, meaning you would not have to shave, then wait until the beard becomes dry and only after that get it in order. Moreover, they are easily washable after usage.
  • Vacuum trimmers are able not only to clip and shave; they also can suck in the removed hairs with amazing capacity without leaving any hair on the sink.
  • The special hard case or bracket for storage will be an additional convenience. Having the possibility to easily store trimmer is ideal so the device itself and also all the included heads and accessories can be located.
  • When choosing the trimmer, pay attention to the weight of the device and to the convenience of the buttons arrangement. It is favorable if the trimmer is provided with the switch for different length of hairs.
  • Draw your attention to the razors of the trimmer, too. The replacement ceramic razors are convenient and easy-to-use. There is no need in greasing; it is enough to wash them with flowing water. If you can purchase replacement razors for the selected model that would be ideal as any razors will become blunt over time and it will be necessary to replace them.
  • Give priority to the trimmer with a charge indicator.
  • For detailed clipping take a closer look at the models with embedded illumination, this doesn’t leave a single hair.
  • There is no point to go for an expensive professional trimmer for domestic use; according to the quality, they differ from affordable models not much at all. The main difference is that the professional trimmers are meant for long use and practically non-stop operation.
  • If you would like to buy a trimmer both for beard and for hair removal in nose and ears, and also for improvement of eye brushes form, you should turn your attention to the multifunctional devices, which are provided with a large number of different heads.

We hope this information has helped you when it comes to deciding on a trimmer for yourself.

Quick-quiz "My perfect hair remover"


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