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When it comes to removing hair from the eyebrows threading is one of the most favorable methods available. Threading facial hair has become increasingly popular due to the accuracy, precision, and definition it provides. It is an excellent option as even smallest hairs will be removed out of the follicles, therefore, your brows will be perfect for up to four weeks.

What is Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading is the method of removing hair with a thread, more specifically a silk thread. This is one of the most available methods to remove unwanted hair. It requires certain practice but it is, in fact, a simple technique which everyone can master it without too much difficulty. This method of epilating by the means of threading goes back much earlier than the 21st century, although it has only gained honored popularity in the last decade.

Threading is Not Limited to Only Threading Eyebrows

A simple thread will help you quickly and almost painlessly remove the hairs on the arms, legs, face, practically anywhere, that the unwanted hair may appear. Although it is more suitable for small areas as it will take a while in larger areas. Threading facial hair is very common, it is commonly used to remove fine hairs from a women’s face.

Threading can be easily conducted at home or in a beauty salon. If to try explaining the core of the older procedure in a few words, it should be said as follows:

  • it is necessary to use proper thread, for example, the silk one,
  • to fold it in the form of the number eight under certain rules,
  • to put it through on the skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

You may be wondering how the hairs are removed by that. It is quite simple: they are plucked out with the root, sticking in the loop created by the thread.

How Much is Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading is obviously going to be more expensive if you decide to go to a professional in a salon. It can range in price, up to 20USD.

Threading eyebrows from home costs literally nothing. You need a single thread and time to practice. By watching tutorial videos you can easily get the gist of it. We recommend spending some time to learn the technique yourself. It’s not as intimidating as it may seem and you will enjoy always having your eyebrows perfectly maintained.

But even if you don’t have time, you can buy cheap hair threading tools. It works the same way, but do not need any special skills.

HELIX Hair Removal Threading Tool

HELIX hair removal threading tool is a miracle for women with unfavorable facial hair. It eliminates the need to spend time practicing since it actually does all the work for you! If you want to have all the benefits of threading without going to a beauty salon or spending the time to master the technique; this tool makes threading a walk in the park.

Follow these simple steps and you will be threading with this tool in no time:

  1. Cut a piece of thread approximately 12-14 inches long.
  2. Tie the ends of the thread in a tight know, creating a loop.
  3. Now apply the loop of the thread onto the threading tool.
  4. Twist the thread about 8 times.
  5. Open and close the tools to move the twist of thread, which will grab hairs out from the roots. When one side moves the other side doesn’t.
  6. Apply the thread close to the skin and thread in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Useful tips:

  • In the area you are threading, make the area as tight to grab the hairs easily and effectively. Do this by pouting your lips or pushing your tongue against your cheek.
  • Tie your hair up and put on a headband so that it’s out of the way and won’t get caught in your thread.


Here is a tutorial video for using the HELIX threading tool:

Eyebrows Threading Machine

Another option is an ELECTRIC threading tool. This means you have nothing to do, an electric threading epilator will remove all unwanted hair for you.

Electrical eyebrow threading tool

The eyebrows threading machine brings threading to another level of greatness. The fact that it’s only a thread that is coming into contact with the hair has kept the method natural and keeps the simplicity of threading apparent. Even the finest hairs get caught and pulled out by the twisted thread. This electric threading tool makes threading not only natural but effortless!

This brilliant electric threading tool is easy to use and lifts out even the finest hairs right out of the follicle. It’s truly gentle on your face and will remove hairs simply, safely and effectively. The only thing that is of your concern when using the device is getting the right angle to effectively remove the hairs which will be easy to perfect after a few minutes of first-time using.

This tool is perfect for anyone who feels a little uncoordinated when it comes to using two hands in a specific detailed way as threading requires or for those who want to enjoy the wonderful technologies that are available today! Removing facial hair from home could not be easier!


Here is a video tutorial for electrical threading tool:

What about the Pain – Does Eyebrow Threading Hurt?

It hurts as much as removing hair from the root. It could be compared to tweezing, but instead of pulling out only one hair at a time, threading removes many. Therefore it hurts more than plucking with eyebrow tweezers only because more hairs are being removed at once BUT the process will be over much faster. As another comparison, it hurts less than using wax strips or any other kind of wax hair removal for that matter as it doesn’t stick onto the skin as wax does which causes a risk of skin irritation. Aside from the feeling of the hairs being removed from the roots, you may feel a tingling sensation from the friction of the thread on your skin. All in all the procedure is over quick, therefore so is the pain.

Does It Have any Drawbacks?

The method of epilating by thread came to European women from the East. This way of hair removal has been used by many beauties of India, China, Egypt, Turkey, and Iran for many centuries. Threading facial hair is extremely useful for removing the undesirable hairs in the areas of eyebrows and the upper lip. This is offered in the beauty studios also for the arms, lower legs, belly, underarm zone and toes. Thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness this procedure is growing more popular and receives only positive feedback.

Eyebrow Threading Before and After

Here is an example of how threading can transform the way your brows look entirely. In this eyebrow threading before and after shot, you can examine the difference. This is the result after mere minutes!

What are the Pros?

First of all, it is completely safe. This epilating procedure does not traumatize the skin which is especially important while threading the face. Secondly, the hairs are plucked out with the bulbs, therefore the effect after the hair removal lasts longer than, for instance, using a men’s or women’s razor. Thirdly, as opposed to the plucking the hair by tweezers, threading allows grasping several hairs at once resulting in a quicker procedure and less painful.

On top of all of that threading doesn’t require any special tools just simple eyebrow threading threads and a couple of hours to learn a technique), nor the expensive agents for skin processing – all it takes is a reel of the silk or cotton threads. Hence, there is no point in being afraid of an allergic reaction. Moreover, it is an opportunity to save money.

How about the Cons?

Though nothing is without flaws and even such inexpensive and accessible procedure as threading has some drawbacks.

  • Firstly, initially it is necessary to let grow the hair – they must have a length of 4-5mm before the beginning of threading, that means the hairs will be rather visible.
  • Secondly, large areas of the skin will take longer than by other methods such as sugaring hair removal or roll-on wax.
  • And thirdly, you need to master the threading technique which takes some time and patience. Using a tool called a spring hair remover requires less practice and in terms of the technique and is just as cheap, making it a brilliant alternative to remove unwanted peach fuzz quickly.

Hair Threading Techniques

As mentioned above, the technique of threading is quite simple, but it’s is important to follow all the recommendations and course of actions with accuracy. For the first time we recommend epilating the legs; this will allow you to catch onto the procedure and acquire the necessary skill. So this is what you need to know about the technique…

First off, prepare the skin procedure.

  1. Remove the dirt and oil from the skin surface by means of the gel, toner or any other cleansing refresher.
  2. For the most comfortable and painless procedure, put the hot towel on the area for several minutes. By steaming the skin, it prepares the skin for depilation.
  3. The last stage is to thoroughly dry the skin, it should not be at all wet.

Now start by preparing the thread. Take the appropriate thread (it is better to use a not too long, silk one) and connect the tips to each other to create a circle, which we put on the fingers of both hands. Here the big thumbs should be free. For creating the figure like a number 8, we twist the loop in the middle six times.

Here we have two rings (make one of them less in size than the other), in each, we push through the index fingers and thumbs.

Now we put the thread against the skin in such a manner as the twisted middle of the figure eight is under the excessive hairs, and the ring which is larger than another should be above the hairs. Move your fingers apart holding the little ring by a sudden and quick movement; the twisted middle will begin to slide up to the point, where the large part of eight is situated.

The large half of the eight would have become the little one, and the hairs should have gone into the loop and removed.

It may seem that the technique of the epilating procedure by the means of the thread is complicated and intricate, but this impression is mistaken. Try to do everything in order and you will surely cope with it, even if not at the first attempt or second attempt but you will get it eventually. We hope that after such a detailed description, you will be able to clearly understand what needs to be done in order to successfully implement threading yourself.

Now you know that the procedure of epilating unwanted hair by threading is a simple and effective technique and can be performed at home with some practice you will be threading with ease.

We advise you to cover the processed skin from the direct sunlight and hot air surroundings like saunas or hot baths for 24 hours.


Before this practice of epilation for your face and body, you should remember something. Threading is not used for the hair removal on the areas with the moles, papilloma or warts. One more thing, if there are any inflammations, injuries, scratches, peeling skin, you must wait until it has gone or healed. The procedure is not recommended for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers as they will be more sensitive to pain. You must also be careful if you suffer from the varicose veins.

It may lead to ingrown hairs appearance, which can be painful and difficult to get rid of. But, if you do all the steps correctly and properly prepare the skin prior to the procedure, you will most likely not touched by this problem.

For beginners, it is better to use the cotton thread, as having no experience in threading you may cut the hands with a silk one.

After threading, prolong the effects by applying a hair growth inhibitor cream to the area. This will slow down the growth of hairs and nourish the skin.


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  1. Becky says:

    I usually wax, but I’m swaying towards giving threading a try as my skin seems to be getting irritated from waxing so I need something more natural. Is it true that there’s a low chance of irritation with threading?

    • fotoepil says:

      Threading is a perfect alternative to waxing, especially when it comes to facial hair!
      When it comes to large areas, it will take twice as long to cover the area which is why it’s most ideal just for facial hair. If you want a natural, affordable alternative to waxing; I suggest you give at-home sugaring a try.

    • fotoepil says:

      Eyebrows will generally stay in perfect shape for about three weeks after threading. The hairs are removed from the root so the results will vary from person to person as everyone has a different growth cycle of their hair.

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