Sugar and water (sometimes with lemon) are mixed in certain proportions until it becomes a thick sticky mass. Then, you make a ball of the mass and roll it on the skin; sticking as it rolls while pulling hairs out. The principle of sugaring, or sugaring depilation, is similar to waxing with one core difference: the hair is removed by the growth in order to reduce the possibility of ingrown hairs.


  • 100% natural, ideal for sensitive skin;
  • hair is removed from the root;
  • no allergic reactions or skin irritation; and
  • even the finiest hairs can be removed.


  • if performed professionally, the cost is about a third more expensive than waxing;
  • it may not remove the stiff hair that was previously shaved. Therefore, it is quite often advised to wax several times before starting the sugaring procedure; and
  • it’s quite painful, although less than waxing. It’s worth noting, that over time it’s likely you’ll stop feeling any pain.