Spring Hair Remover

A metal spiral with handles at both ends is another invention of Asian craftsmen. It is designed to use on the upper lip, chin, and cheeks. It does everything in a matter of minutes leaving no hair, nor redness.


  • effective and quick method of removing hair right from the root;
  • no mess, only one tool involved & it’s easy to clean;
  • little practice and then it will be super easy to use;
  • travel-friendly; and
  • there’s little to no irritation.


  • first time may be painful.
  • requires practice before it becomes a faster and easier process;
  • it cannot be used on wet or loose skin;
  • it should only be used for facial hair on a woman;
  • it can cause red bumps on sensitive skin; and
  • it cannot treat eyebrows.

Facial Hair & Eyebrows: Threading

It seems sophisticated, but after watching tutorial videos you can bravely and confidently eliminate hair that is short, thin, slightly-colored, and barely noticeable fine hair as well as single hairs on your face using a single silk thread.


  • no damage to the skin and no harmful effect;
  • it’s cheap
  • it’s completely hygienic; and
  • it’s very fast to get the desired results.


  • as several hairs are removed at once, it may seem more painful than, for example, plucking with tweezers;
  • it’s better to leave hair removal threading to professionals, which means that the cost of the procedure will be higher;
  • with a lack of experience, threading could be improperly performed and the hair will not be removed but torn; and
  • you may feel a tingling sensation due to the friction of the thread on the skin.


If you need to remove just a few hairs, tweezers could cope perfectly with the task. Whether they are backlit or not, it doesn’t matter, most importantly, they do not break the hairs but remove them from the root. It is better to pre-steam the skin and, then, gently pulling, grab the hair and sharply pull the hair out in the direction of growth.


  • ideal for eyebrow correction and removing a small amount of hair;
  • it’s cheap and portable;
  • the method does not require any additional expenses except the acquisition of tweezers only; and
  • by correcting eyebrows with tweezers gives the most accurate and defined results.


  • hair removal with tweezers is relatively slow, boring and sometimes painful, therefore it is not suitable for large areas;
  • improper use of tweezers can cause ingrown or broken hairs; and
  • people with sensitive skin may have redness after plucking.

Bikini trimmer

It is the same as the trimmer but not used for the ears. It is intended for the intimate areas. With the help of the styler, it is easy to make intimate hairstyles, both simple and creative. The kit includes stickers in the form of hearts, crowns, lightning and so on.


  • suitable for whole body grooming, allowing you to closely shave or just trim;
  • easy to clean and maintain;
  • quick and gentle, the blades don’t touch the skin, so there is no need to fear of cuts;
  • it’s absolutely painless;
  • wet or dry use;
  • light and convenient to carry;
  • can be used virtually anywhere, as long as the battery is charged or there is an electrical outlet for the device to be charged; and
  • you can be creative while styling your hair at home.


  • it can be rather time-consuming;
  • they require constant cleaning and maintenance;
  • some devices are rather loud;
  • batteries or the charged life of the device could run out during the shaving/styling process; which would be annoying, ensure it’s charged sufficiently before starting;
  • people with sensitive skin may experience razor burn with some stylers; and
  • hairs aren’t removed from the root, it doesn’t take long before they grow back again.


How to remove hair from your ears and nose at home? It is as easy as pie when you have nail scissors. A more civilized and advanced way is to use a compact trimmer. I can assure you, a rotating trimmer head is the most convenient and safe.

  • attachments make accurate shaping and styling easy;
  • gentle, safe and absolutely painless;
  • it’s versitile and can be used in numerous areas of the body with different connections;
  • it’s fast and effective;
  • there is no need for gel or shaving cream;
  • wet or dry;
  • it’s portable;
  • easy to clean; and
  • no razor burn.
  • some have only one length option;
  • good for removing excess hair but doesn’t shave right to the skin;
  • it could be a little noisy;
  • hairs are not removed from the root so they won’t take long to grow back; and
  • the possibility of battery life running out during the process.