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All women are concerned about choosing a method of removing unwanted facial hair and sooner or later whether by the means of wax hair removal, a sugaring paste or laser removal…

However, in this case, facial hair removal becomes part of the regular routine in where procedures end up being time consuming and expensive. Beauty salons often raise prices and the road there can often be exhausting. In this situation, it’s worth using several methods of hair removal, depending on the parts of your face on which the procedure is to be applied without the help of a professional. When it comes to facial hair removal, there are numerous options! So, upon deciding to get rid of unwanted hair, you can always try various new hair removal tools that will give you smooth skin. One of these handy original tools is the spring hair remover.

The spring facial hair remover is extremely popular among Asian women. Its operation principle isn’t complicated either; by simply scrolling along the skin, the flexible stick grabs all the hairs along its way, even those that are invisible to the naked eye. Hairs are caught in a kind of a trap between the metal spirals. By detaching the spring from the skin, the hairs are all pulled out. That’s it, they are gone!

How to Use the Spring Tool

In order to remove the hair effectively, take the spring hair remover by the both ends, bend it in the shape of an overturned letter “U” and then attach the side of the spring to your face, so that the metal part slides over your skin against the hair growth direction. Scroll – and check out the result! Typically, to scrape all the hair, you need to scroll the spring tool over each treatment zone several times – however, in most cases, this won’t hurt. To allow the spring tool to remove the hair thoroughly, try to pout your cheeks and lips while carrying out the procedure – in this case, the hair removal spring will grab more hairs. The more often you use it, the better results you will get after each application.

1. Bellabe, the No.1 Rated Facial Hair Remover (Made in the USA)

Enjoy silky smooth skin within minutes of using the Bellabe Facial Hair Remover. It’s a fast, easy and safe way to remove unwanted hair from the roots on the lip, chin, cheeks, jawline and neck without the need for a mirror. It doesn’t cause any damage or harm whatsoever to the skin. It’s portable and travel-friendly as it comes in a convenient storing tube. The Bellabe spring tool is rated No1 of its kind and is made in the USA ensuring that it is made of quality materials for your safety.

Where the Spring Hair Remover Can Be Used

Most often, the spring hair remover is used on the upper lip, around the temples and other face and neck areas where almost invisible but persistent hair creates unaesthetic “brush”. However, the use of this tool for removing unwanted hair is not limited for around the lips. It can be used on the chin as well; although this requires a bit of practice: at first, it is quite difficult to use on uneven areas of the face.

2. Epiwand Facial Hair Epilator For Women

There’s no more need to squint in front of the mirror with a pair of tweezers as the Epiwand Facial Hair Epilator is the perfect tool to easily remove unwanted facial hair. It’s made of high-quality stainless steel and is designed to provide utmost comfort for the user with Grip Twist Epiwand handles for ultimate control. This tool is suitable for those with sensitive skin and removes even the finest hairs. It’s a small and convenient travel size, making it perfect for on the go or in the comfort of your own home.

Many people don’t consider it safe to use hair removal spring next to the eyebrows or on the forehead, as the uncontrolled spring tool can tear off “excessive” eyebrows and even eyelashes or even the hair on the head may get tangled between the spring. However, it’s up to you, how and where you will use this tool – the main thing is to do it under complete control and safely.


  • It is very effective; the spring facial hair remover removes 99% of hair from the upper lip and 100% of the lower lip, as well as the lip contour hair. Sometimes, it’s difficult to pull out the hair that is angled on both sides of the lips by the root. But after some practice, it will be easily removed as well.
  • The simplicity of use: it doesn’t take long to remove hair with this tool, especially if you have become a skilled hand at it (and this is possible after 3-4 applications).
  • Independence: you won’t need professional help – you do all the operations yourself.
  • It is an extremely handy and light tool – you can easily carry it in your handbag all the time and use as often as you need it.
  • It’s really cheap!

3.Tweezerman LTD Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover

Quickly and easily remove unwanted facial hair from the root with the Tweezerman LTD Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover. With just a simple twist of the wrists, the premium quality stainless steel spring coil effectively removes even the finest hairs from the root. When purchasing the Tweezerman spring tool you will also receive a small pair of Tweezerman tweezers which are one of best eyebrow tweezers available today for precision eyebrow grooming. This is the perfect set for traveling, on-the-go or using at home.


  • If the hairs tear off when being removed, it can provoke their ingrowth into the skin and you will face the problem of ingrown hairs.
  • It may take some practice before mastering the procedure.

Before & After Using the Facial Hair Remover Tool

  • Always sterilize the tool with alcohol or some other antiseptic solution before and after each use to reduce the chance of infection.
  • Only ever use it only on clean skin.
  • It’s important to carefully apply soft tonic, containing natural antiseptics (chamomile, sage, goatweed, etc.) onto the skin after the hair removal procedure to close the pores and avoid skin infection.
  • Don’t use soap on the area for 24 hours (anyway, it is not recommended to use soap on the face at all).
  • If you feel severe pain after the treatment, wipe delicate areas with ice cubes before and after the procedure.
  • To prolong the effects of smooth hair less skin after using the depilatory cream, apply a hair growth inhibitor cream to the area. This will slow down the growth of hairs and nourish the skin.
Quick-quiz "My perfect hair remover"


    • fotoepil says:

      It hurts about as much as using tweezers. Although, with the spring tool, you are removing more hair at once so it hurts more but it’s much faster once you get the hang of it!

    • fotoepil says:

      The hairs are pulled from the root with the spring tool so depending on your personal hair growth rate but you will be hair-free for at least 2 weeeks.

  1. Cassie says:

    After I’ve had a good session with mine, I won’t notice the need for another session until about 4 weeks later. But everyone will be different.

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