Sally Hansen Wax Strips Review

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I’ve had quite a bit of experience with wax strips ever since I stopped using a razor to shave; I turned to methods that would remove my hair from the root. I use a sugaring paste when I’m in the comfort of my own home but use wax strips when I’m traveling. A friend of mine recommended Sally Hansen wax strips as I was complaining about my previous experience with my usual brand. Anyway, this is a review which will inform you more about Sally Hansen wax strips if you’re considering using them for yourself.

I choose to use wax strips for maintenance only when I’m away from home because it’s more cost effective.

In the Box:

The Sally Hansen Face, brow and bikini wax strip kit includes:

  • 34 Strips-17 double sided strips (3 different sizes- 4 large, 12 medium & 18 small)
  • Aluzene finishing oil (fragrance-free)
  • Instruction and precautions manual

In the box, you get plenty of strips to wax certain areas of the body, the one I got was the face, brow, and bikini wax kit but there is another Sally Hansen Wax Strip kit which has strips perfectly suited for the removal body hair – underarms, legs, and body as a whole. This body waxing kit contains 6 extra-large 24 large strips and the finishing oil as well.

The small strip (17mm x 50mm) is the perfect size for my upper lip but they needed to be cut down slightly in order to be appropriate for the brows.  The medium sized strip (30mm x 50mm) is ideal for any other area on the face, even for underarms and the large (30mm x 100mm) is perfectly suitable for the bikini line.

How to Use the Strips:

The strips are very easy to use. If you have never used wax strips before, these are a good place to start. You won’t need to experiment with different brands because these remove even the tiniest hairs. On the box, there is a simple 3-step instruction guide which is the basics but I’ll go into a few extra specifics which I think you should know before using these strips.

You should always test the product on your skin 24 hours before applying it to a large area which will ensure it’s safe for your skin and that you won’t get a reaction.

These are the steps that should be carried out to ensure a successful wax:

  1. Before anything, you need to ensure the area is washed with soap and water to remove any excess oil or dirt on the skin, and then dry the area completely with a towel. Make sure your hairs are at least ¼” long and size up the ideal strip size for the area.
  2. Hold the strip gently between your hands and start rubbing them together to create friction which warms wax strips up. Some people have claimed to heat their strip up with 10 seconds of blowing a hair dryer on it (which is another option if for some reason you don’t feel like rubbing the strips) –but they were ready to use pretty quickly anyway, 15-20 seconds of fast rubbing done the trick.
  3. Pull the strips apart carefully; you’ll have two which are ready to apply.
  4. Press the strip firmly onto your skin in the direction of the hair growth skin and rub the strip down, back and forth.
  5. Hold the skin taut, from the top of the strip and pull from the other end with the tab in one swift and fast motion in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Note: you must ensure to pull the strip off fast because if it’s done too slowly the wax will remain on your skin and no hair. You cannot reapply wax on the same spot within 24 hours of the first application.
  6. After you’ve removed the strip, apply firm pressure with your fingertips to ease the pain and the appearance of redness. I usually apply Aloe Vera or any kind of oil I have on hand but this kit conveniently contains perfectly fine finishing oil which did the job perfectly well. It removes any excess wax on the skin, soothes and moisturizes the skin.

Although they are more costly than other waxing methods that can be performed from home, they still save a ton of money if you’re away from home and are perhaps considering going to a beautician. They weigh absolutely nothing in your travel bag and you need no extra equipment except for the Sally Hansen Wax Strips themselves.

I was pleasantly surprised with the results, I did trust my friends’ recommendation, but I am quite particular with what I use for hair removal and this product has definitely made the cut for me.  I have already ordered a couple of new Sally Hansen Wax Kits for my next vacations later on this year.  I don’t have the thickest hair type amongst the range of women’s hair types, but it’s not the ultra-thin either, my hair is somewhere in-between. I’m aware that the reviews of Sally Hansen wax strips are rather mixed and some people haven’t had such a pleasant experience as I had, but I can only speak for myself and in my opinion I thoroughly enjoyed the ease of use, convenience and mess free application of these wax strips and have already ordered my next packets for my soon to come vacations.


Quick-quiz "My perfect hair remover"

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