How to Remove Upper Lip Hair at Home

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Facial hair removal on a women’s face is not uncommon, but it’s not often spoken about. Removing upper lip hair can be a simple procedure and made to be part of your routine when you know exactly how to remove it and find the most appropriate method for your skin, lifestyle, and budget. Depending on what method you decide to go for will determine how often you’ll need to implement hair removal methods. There are plenty of different methods that are appropriate for effectively getting rid of upper lip hair. They are often very simple because it’s such a small area and quite often the hairs are very fine, so it doesn’t take long or require much effort, you just have to decide what method is most suitable for you.

What Causes this Pesky Upper Lip Hair to Appear?

The cause of upper lip hair and facial hair in general on a woman usually comes down to a few factors. Actually, everyone has it; several factors just affect how noticeable it is.

  1. Genetics – the color and the amount of hair you naturally grow can be a genetic factor. Genes may be the result of excessive hair and also the color of your hair. – If you have dark hair then the hair is much more obvious. But whether or not your hair is dark or the extremely light, it can still be visible in direct sunlight and also make the application of foundation less appealing than if the skin was completely hairless.
  2. Hormonal imbalances – several conditions such as PCOS and other conditions cause a hormonal imbalance in women, therefore, resulting in more upper lip hair and unwanted facial hair in general. Some medications might also cause hormonal imbalances too.

Basically, the truth is we all have hair all over our bodies, except for our palms and the soles of our feet, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of even though peach fuzz and unwanted facial hair on a women make us feel uncomfortable and not so beautiful at the least. The amount of hair varies from person to person but there are certainly ways to get rid of it in any case! Thank goodness there are plenty of ways to remove it depending on your personal preferences, skin sensitivity, and budget.

Temporary Methods

Removing Hair from the Surface

These include using a razor and hair removal cream. They are completely painless methods but are very short-lived.

With a Razor:  Although there are specific razors intended for removing light facial hair on a woman’s face, I do not recommend shaving the facial area.  Whether or not it’s a myth that the hair grows back thicker and darker, it still grows back stubbly which is unfavorable at the very least for a woman. Even though the hair may not be growing back thicker and darker as the myth insists, due to the fact the hair shaft is cut, it appears and feels prickly!

Do not choose the use of a regular razor for peach fuzz and upper lip hair removal in any case. There’s always a chance of irritation when shaving, meaning either razor bumps or razor burn which is uncomfortable and unpleasant, to say the least especially in highly visible areas like the face.  Some women that started shaving their unwanted facial hair reported that it’s the worst thing they ever decided to do because of its extremely high maintenance and ended up being part of their daily routine.

I should also mention that some women actually do recommend using the specific women’s facial razors, as it’s ideal for those with very sensitive skin types because it doesn’t hurt or cause irritation at all.  When it comes down to it, shaving is high maintenance, in any case, so you’ll need to do this a couple times per week. – It’s not something I’d personally go for.

Hair Removal Cream: Specific facial hair removal creams are made with a sensitive formula containing extracts of aloe vera and chamomile to soothe the area that ensures there’ll be little – no irritation on such a visible area (as long as you don’t exceed the leave-on time indication!).   Hair removal creams are by far the most effortless method of hair removal there is! – All you need to do is apply the cream and wait for the indicated amount of time, wash it off and you’re perfectly smooth. No pain, no stress, just simplicity.

Removing Hair from the Root

Any method that removes unwanted hair from the root provides a long lasting effect of about 4 weeks before new hairs start growing back. The hairs will grow back softer and finer over time. These methods include waxing, sugaring, tweezing, epilating, threading and also the use of a specifically made facial hair removal tool called a spring tool.  When hair is moved from the root, it means you don’t need to worry about hair removal for a decent period of time. Let’s go over the methods that come under this category:

Waxing: this comes in several different forms, roll-on, hot wax and wax strips. Each of these waxing techniques can be used on the face. Hot wax is typically used for small areas, so it’s ideal and highly effective.  Wax strips are available in the perfect shape to remove upper lip hair; they’re super portable and a great option for ultimate convenience and zero mess. Roll on is usually used for larger areas of the body, but if you already have a roll-on wax kit, you could simply cut a wax strip the perfect size for your upper lip, I can’t see why it wouldn’t do the job perfectly fine.

Sugaring: I am a massive fan of sugaring because of the fact that it’s completely natural, affordable and removes hair from the root.  Sugaring is less painful than waxing because of the fact that the hairs are removed in the direction of growth contrary to being removed the opposite direction of growth as they are with waxing. Sugaring never leaves a reaction and is suitable for anyone, even the most sensitive skin types. You can purchase sugaring paste already made, where all you need to do is heat the paste up in the microwave, or you can make a sugaring paste from home with just 3 ingredients.

Tweezing: this method can surely get the job done, but it’s painful, time-consuming and annoying for upper lip hair removal in my opinion unless you only have a few stray hairs growing. I prefer to keep my tweezers for my eyebrows only.

Epilating: You can buy a small sized epilator specifically for upper lip hair removal, but if you’ve chosen to use an epilator for all other hair removal areas on your body, then it’s suitable to use for your upper lip too, there is most likely an appropriate attachment which would provide ultimate comfort when epilating the confined upper lip area. If you decide to epilate, be sure to follow all epilating safety precautions to provide the best possible results.

Threading: Most people are aware of the impressive, precise, and highly efficient hair removal method that is done with a single thread. Threading has become increasingly popular all over the world but I bet you thought you’d have to be trained to implement it on yourself from home?! – Nope, now there are electric and manual inexpensive tools that make threading a perfectly suitable hair removal method to implement from home without any training or practice!

Spring Tool: This unique tool was designed specifically for the purpose of removing unwanted peach fuzz, all over the face. It originated in Asian countries and is now used worldwide. It works by scrolling the stainless steel spring along the light hairs on the face; the hairs get caught in the coil of the spring and are removed from the root. It’s cheap to buy, easy to use, effective, fast and portable. As long as you keep this tool away from your eyebrows and eyelashes, it’ll remove all unwanted facial hairs with ease.  But it really does cause teary eyes, there’s no denying that!

Long term – Permanent Methods

Methods that Interfere with the Hair Follicle Itself

These methods are not cheap but are definitely worth the money spent once you get to enjoy the results and not having to worry about hair removal on a regular basis. The long term-permanent hair removal methods include IPL, laser, and ELOS.  Each requires a series of ongoing treatments to stop the hair growth completely. If you decide to go for one of these methods and purchase a device to use yourself from home, you’ll be able to use the device on any other areas on your body that you have unwanted hair too and enjoy permanent smooth hair free skin anywhere. These methods are not suitable for anyone though, it’s ideal if you have light skin and a darker hair color for it to be the most effective.

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