The R.E.M Spring Facial Hair Remover Review

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Most women that wear makeup are aware of what makes their makeup look better or worse when it comes to foundation and powder application. Having smooth skin always makes makeup look better. Even super fine hairs can visibly appear under a foundation application as it seems to stick to the tiny fine hairs. Without wearing makeup, on the other hand, these hairs can be barely noticeable, except in situations when directly under the sun for example. But women and girls should not have to sacrifice wearing makeup because of this pesky problem! – Especially when there are so many ways to easily and effectively deal with it.

Some girls and women wear makeup as it’s a fun way to be creative with the way their looks, to enhance confidence, or it may even be necessary for certain occupations. No matter the reason for wearing makeup, if you need a simple solution for removing those peach fuzz pesky fine hairs from your face to achieve a smoother foundation application, I want to share with you my magical mini tool called the R.EM Spring facial hair remover.

Where I First Came Across the R.E.M Tool

When I first saw these spring tools advertised on TV I knew I needed to try it for myself, it’s affordable, so I thought I’d be silly not to. When I started using the R.E.M Spring tool the appearance of my make-up changed. This tool has made a huge improvement in my confidence as a whole.

I’ve been using the R.E.M Spring tool for over a year now and think it’s about time I shared my experience. The R.E.M Spring Tool is designed to remove even the shortest and finest hairs on a women’s face including upper and lower lip, cheeks, chin nose and the neck.

What Made it Stand Out Among Others of its Kind

The R.E.M facial hair remover stood of for me among other spring tools on the market because:
• It’s made of 100% stainless steel. The fact that it’s 100% stainless steel means that it can be fully sanitized and that it’s durable – anything that’s made out of plastic is not as long-lasting as something made from stainless steel – (I’m sure everyone will agree with me here). Also, the fact that it’s eco-friendly!
• No plastic, colors or chemical means it’s completely safe for your skin and the best quality of its kind.
• The tool is manufactured in a pharmaceutical grade facility and goes through a purification process to ensure it’s free of any other unfavorable substances.
• The spring is densely coiled and really flexible which is ideal for scrolling and catching all the hairs in the area. Although I’m not sure how this compares to the others on the market, I thought it’d be good to mention this beneficial fact because I assume that if the coil becomes loose, it won’t remove the hairs effectively but I’m sure that’ll be within years to come. (I’ve actually seen reviews from people who have owned the R.E.M spring hair remover for more than 2 years and haven’t experience the coil loosening at all so I don’t know how long it would take for this to occur-but a long time)

My First Experience:

I was shocked how much hair was removed the first time I used my R.E.M hair removal spring tool and I could actually feel the multiple hairs being removed at once, but thank goodness after each time using the spring tool it seems to hurt less and less because the hair gradually gets finer and sparser. I managed to figure out the technique of how to use it properly the very first time; it took me 5 minutes max, to realize what best works for me when using the tool. I figured turning my right hand clockwise and my left hand anti-clockwise simultaneously while gliding the curved spring along my tightened face was the way to go.

Precautions & Specific Indications from the Manufacturer:

• Test it on a small area of skin first, redness is likely to occur but it’ll fade within a couple of minutes.
• Keep the tool clean by wiping it with an antibacterial/alcohol wipe before and after each use.
• Don’t use it on broken irritated skin.
• Keep it away from your eyebrows and eyelashes!
• Keep it away from children.

How to Use the R.E.M Spring Tool?

1. Bend the spring into the shape of a “U” and scroll it along the face.
2. Twist the handles in and out for a continuous movement while moving the tool up and down and it’ll remove the hairs in the opposite direction of the growth. As you glide the spring back and forth while twisting the handles, you can feel the hairs being removed from the root. It’s not extremely painful, but it’s enough to cause a teary eye or two.
3. After your hairs are all removed, give the skin a couple of minutes to breathe and then cleanse tone and moisturize your face to clean and soothe the area.

• Experiment with different angles of scrolling the tool on your face, to figure out which is the most effective for removing your hair.
• Try to tighten your face in the areas you are scrolling the coil along by moving your mouth from side to side and your jaw up and down, this will make it less painful and easier for the hairs to get caught in the spring.

Why I Recommend Using a Spring Tool for Facial Hair Removal:

• Portable – It’s so tiny and light weight that it can fit into your handbag and you won’t even notice it’s there. The R.E.M tool actually comes with a tiny little pink pouch to store it in which is super convenient and makes it easy to find in my handbag if I happen to need to use it in a public washroom away from home.
• Easy – Basically after your first time using the tool, you’ll be a master. There’s little-no practice involved with performing this hair removal method successfully.
• Effective – It does exactly what it was created to do. It removes all fine facial hairs from the face with ease.
• Efficient – it works super-fast! Removing hair from the root with tweezers is time-consuming and completely tedious. This provides better results than tweezing as it can get those teeny tiny hairs and works much faster!




Quick-quiz "My perfect hair remover"

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