Best Bikini Trimmer: Full Reviews of the Most Popular Tools

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In this article you will get to know the functionality of the bikini area trimmer for women, its main purpose and additional options, the types of devices for pubic hair styling, models, manufacturers and their operational rules.

Trimmers for women are a small hand-held device designed to remove the undesirable hair in the areas of sensitive skin. The device operation principle is similar to the functionality of hair clippers, which are often used for the creation of short hairdos for both children and adults. The main difference between these two devices is the enhanced capabilities of the trimmer, which cut the hairs as close to the skin as possible, without traumatizing it and causing irritation.

Purpose and Benefits of a Women’s Bikini Trimmer

The prime purpose of a women’s bikini trimmer is to provide a high-quality haircut in the bikini zone. In comparison with the other similar tools and devices on the market, a pubic hair trimmer has a number of advantages that give it the right to be called top-of-the-line.
The benefits of using the trimmer for bikini zone are as follows:

  • Painlessness. The operation principle of any hair removal unit is described as plucking the hairs from the roots that fairly causes pain even when epilating one of the least sensitive areas like the legs. The area of pubic hair is the most tender and sensitive skin and trimmers shear off the unwanted hair delicately and gently without any pain.
  • Haircut of high quality. In comparison with other hair cutting devices, which are capable of shortening hairs to a length of 3-5 millimeters, the women’s bikini trimmer leaves such a short length that the hairs are almost invisible.
  • Safety. Firstly, each trimmer is designed in such a way that makes it impossible to cause any injuries to the skin. From this perspective, they are similar to the hair cutting devices. Secondly, the problem of ingrown hairs which cause great aesthetic discomfort and dermal irritation, are unapparent from using it.
  • No irritation. Plucking hairs with even the best tweezers, an electric epilator or by the means of shaving with disposable razors in the most cases result in reddening and irritation which are often accompanied by itching. This increases the chance of infection and contamination in some areas which cause the occurrence of pimples. While doing a usual haircut, it is possible to avoid these consequences.
  • Handy frame shape. Haircut devices are often large in comparison to bikini trimmers; accordingly, it is less convenient to hold them. The best trimmer for pubic hair will be light comfortable to hold.
  • Convenient shape of the heads allowing making the bikini zone hairstyle. The fully functional epilators have broad operational surfaces making them less maneuverable in the bikini zone. This significantly complicates the process of hair removal. The heads for trimmers of the bikini zone are more relevant to the area allowing the creation of bikini zone hairstyles to be achieved with ease.
  • Functionality. A bikini trimmer usually has a wide functionality: bikini zone, armpits, point removal of hairs, styling the eyebrows and external line of the headdress, correcting the mustaches and beard for men. However, the ranges of functions depend on specific models. The list of the required functions should certainly be defined for choosing the best bikini trimmer for your needs.
  • Best hygienic effect. While beautifying the bikini areas, you should pay attention not only to aesthetic aspect but also to the factor of the hygiene of this delicate body area, which the health of the genitourinary system depends on. Recommendations given by medical professionals are as follows: no shaving, hair removal should only be performed by shortening the hairs to a comfortable length.

Among the disadvantages of these devices for fighting undesirable hair on the body should be mentioned. Hair is not removed from the root as it is with other common bikini grooming methods such as sugaring hair removal or using hard wax. Its incapability of complete removal of hair, resulting in the need to more frequently use the bikini trimmer, as the hairs will be noticeable in as little as 3-4 day after the procedure. In addition, the regrowth of hair slows down after epilating.

How to Choose the Best Bikini Trimmer 2017

There are a variety of devices available for the bikini zone and their comparison depends on their major characteristic features. The functionality depends on the features of the device where the buyer will be able to choose the appropriate model with ease. The ideal bikini trimmer will cope with all the necessary tasks for the user.

Schick Hydro Trim & Style – $12 on Amazon

The Schick hydro trimer and style is both a waterproof bikini trimmer and hydrating 5 blade razor in one. If you have this 2 in 1 tool, you don’t need anything else for bikini maintenance anywhere you are. It’s perfect for taking on vacation. The hypoallergenic moisture serum is dermatologist tested and helps your skin replenish its natural moisture for up to 2 hours after shaving. The 5 blade razor reduces shaving irritation and ensures close to skin shaving.  The trimming comb is adjustable and has four settings for a customized trim length.  It runs on 1xAAA battery.  The razor head is removable, so once it becomes blunt, just replace it with any other Schick head razor and you’re good to go!

Philips Bikini Genie – $15 on Amazon

The Philips Bikini Genie Trimmer provides an effortless way to keep your bikini line in perfect shape. It’s a safe and easy way to trim, style, and shape the hair down there without nicks, cuts or irritation.  It can be used for either wet or dry use for ultimate convenience in the shower or bath. It has two click-on trimmer combs allowing you to trim to precise lengths of either 0.5,3 or 5mm. It’s completely portable as there’s no need for cords or charge, it just runs on 1xAA battery which is included.  The device comes with a storage pouch and a cleaning brush. The Philips Bikini Genie make is effortless to achieve a flawless bikini line!

Braun Silk-épil FG1100 Bikini Trimmer – $16 on Amazon

The Braun Silk-épil bikini trimmer has 2 different heads, the slim bikini shaping head which is horizontal and the precise bikini shaping head which is vertical. The slim bikini shaping head is designed for shaping precise lines, shapes, and contours.  It comes with 2 trimming combs (5mm and 8mm) which are ideal for a uniform hair length.  The precision head is vertical and provides the possibility to form detailed styling in the bikini zone.  This device is quite a multipurpose device as the high precision head can even be used for eyebrow shaping as it is ideal for forming accurate and precise shapes. It runs on 1xAAA battery which is included and also has a protective cap for storage when it’s not in use. This device allows you to get creative in your most delicate area without worrying about irritation.

Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Lithium Ion Precision Trimmer – $13 on Amazon

The Conair precision trimmer is a device capable of effortless full body trimming in all desired trimming areas including body face and bikini. The multifunctional device includes a wide blade for precise full body trimming, 2 eyebrow combs for precise shaping and a detailing attachment for precise trimming. It also includes an attachment for trimming the nose and ears!  It runs on 1xAAA lithium battery providing a longer life and more power than alkaline batteries.  This trimmer is a good price and high quality, you can’t go wrong.

Remington WPG4030C Ultimate Body and Bikini Grooming Kit – $35 on Amazon

This gentle Remington trimmer has a dual blade designed for delicate areas allowing you to easily manage hair length. It comes with an exfoliator attachment which is very useful for preventing ingrown hairs.  The trimmer is wet-dry and can be used both in and out of the shower.  It is rechargeable, simply charge the groomer at an electrical socket.  It comes with a case for easy storage as well as a convenient hanging hook, making it easy to have at hand whenever needed.


Selection of the Best Bikini Trimmer According to Moisture Resistance

The best pubic hair trimmer will not only attend to fashion trends but also the hygienic requirements to body care. In view of this sometimes many women and men combined taking a bath with the hair removal. However, as opposed to razors for shaving; far from every bikini trimmer for styling may be used in water conditions.

There are three types of trimmers according to the moisture resistance with principal differences:

  1. Not moisture proof. Most bikini hair trimmers are designed for operating in the conditions of dry skin for processing only dry hair. These devices should be equipped with a brush for dry cleaning. It has the cheapest cost in comparison to the other variants, partial resistance to moisture and complete resistance to water.
  2. Partial resistance to moisture. These models may be cleaned not only by means of a brush but also under running water, even the operating surface does not penetrate the moisture inside. But it must not be used in the shower.
  3. Complete resistance to moisture. These bikini hair trimmers have a waterproof frame, no water drops will penetrate inside the device even while the appliance is being used in the shower. Such trimmers should always be provided with the shaving head in the set. If not, the frame is most likely not resistant to moisture. If the customer has no need in using a shaving head attachment, then it’s better to choose a cheaper device without a moisture proof frame.

Selecting the Best Pubic Hair Trimmer Based on the Size of the Cutter

The size of the operational surface considerably defines the quality of the future haircut. There are two types of trimmers available of different sizes:

  • Devices with a narrow width cutter. The length of blades is from 20 to 25 mm. Such models allow making accurate lines in bikini zone styling even without the use of stencils and processing the hard-to-reach areas, not hurting the skin surrounding.
  • Devices with a broad cutter. The length of the blades is from 25 to 30 mm. The speed of open areas processing with such a trimmer is much higher, but it will be rather troublesome to model a haircut with a precise shape.

Trimmers with Attachment Heads like a Convenient Public Hair Shaver

Each bikini hair trimmer should be completed with one zero head per minimum. But for the ultimate functionality of devices, manufacturers have come up with additional types of heads.
These are the distinctive characteristics of additional heads:

  1. Comb head. It is used for hair length correction. Most frequently there are no less than 5 levels within 0.3 to 1 mm. The length of hairs is controlled with a special roll on the frame of the device.
  2. Shaving head. A pubic hair shaver works in similarity to regular razors for women, allowing the skin to be perfectly smooth. These heads are recommended to be cleaned with antibacterial agents in order to decrease the occurrence of irritation. The precautionary measures are the same for the use of a regular razor.
  3. Vertical head. Its main purpose is to remove a few hairs or isolated ones. Most frequently the vertical heads are used to painlessly shape the eyebrows.
  4. Other heads. The most functional are the universal trimmers which support several options at once, meaning the device fulfills not only the duties of the trimmer but also, for instance, an epilator or pumice. It’s also possible to have additional replaceable heads. Correspondingly, these models are more expensive.

According to the model, additional items will be included with the pubic hair trimmer. You can expect: additional heads, accumulators, recharger, and a brush for dry cleaning, stands, a case or protective frame, and stencils for bikini zone styling.

How to Use a Bikini Trimmer

Use the female pubic hair trimmer by moving the trimmers head across the skin gently against the hair growth. Stretch the skin with your free hand. It’s as simple as that!

It is worth noting that practically all trimmers are similar visually, but each model has a different frame shape so choose the best bikini trimmer that will be the most convenient for your personal operation and needs.





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      Hi Makayla, you should clean your bikini trimmer after every time you use it. Ensure the bikini hair trimmer is unplugged and switched off before you start cleaning it. Remove attachments and brush all the hairs off with the cleaning brush that is most often provided, the attachments can also be held under water but ensure they are completely dry before assembling them back to the device.

    • fotoepil says:

      Hi, Jessica! Actually, it’s as simple as pulling the attachment off to detach and pushing it on to attach. Combs generally need to be slid into specific grooves on the device and clicked into place, but it’s totally easy to do this. I have never heard of anyone having difficulty with the attachments of their bikini trimmer.

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