Parissa Wax Strips Review

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Trying new brands of wax is always an intriguing and exciting proceeding for me. I enjoy comparing products and measuring the pros and cons, then expressing my honest opinion about these products to inform future users. I recently used Parissa wax strips for the first time, I purchased the Parissa Legs & body wax strips to see how effective they are in comparison to other popular brands on the market.

Inside the box:

  • 16 large strips, 140mm x 55mm (8x double sided strips, can be cut for smaller areas).
  • Fragrance-free azulene oil (8ml) for after care.
  • Detailed instruction leaflet.


  • Parissa wax is made from non-toxic chemicals, no parabens, and preservatives, but you should always do a patch test before applying the strip to a larger area. Wait 24 hours to ensure your skin agrees with the product.
  • Ensure your hair is long enough, at least 5mm or ¼ of an inch.
  • Sunburnt skin, irritated skin, abrasions or open skin of any kind should not be waxed on!
  • Moles, varicose veins, warts and dermatitis cannot be waxed on, try sugaring instead to remove hair from the root as it’s not hazardous to these skin conditions.

How to use Parissa Wax Strips:

I was quite surprised actually, as some of the key directions mentioned when using other wax strip brands instructed to do the contrary to what this brand suggests, I will now clarify what I mean:

  1. You don’t need to wash your skin before applying that wax strip! – this seemed unusual for me due to what I was used to from other brands but of course, I followed the instructions otherwise if something didn’t go well in the procedure, it would be me to blame and not the product so the review would not be fair. So I didn’t pre-wash the area I was applying the wax. Parissa has stated that it’s not recommended to wash the skin before applying wax because it lessens the wax sticking to your skin, therefore it’ll stick predominantly to the hairs. But a sprinkle of talcum powder can also be used.
  2. Warm on of the double-sided wax strips in between your hands with a constant rubbing motion. Use a hair dryer if you want a super-efficient procedure!
  3. Slowly and carefully pull the strips apart.
  4. Smoothen the strip on the area in the direction of the hairs grown and press it firmly down. Push down about three times in the direction of the growth.
  5. Hold the skin taut, take a deep breath and in one quick motion pull the strip off in the opposite hair growth direction. Be sure to stay as close to the skin as possible when removing the strip from the skin, instead of pulling the strip directly up, pull parallel. (This will avoid bruising.)
  6. Apply pressure to the area to ease the pain and repeat.
  7. Once you’ve finished waxing the area, then you can go ahead and apply the aftercare oil that’s included in the kit to get rid of any wax residue on the skin. There was only a little was residue and the aftercare oil certainly removed it with ease and makes my skin feel smooth and soft.

Different Wax Strip Kits this Brand Offers:

Parissa has several different kits with different sized strips specific for:

What I Love About This Brand of Wax:

The company does not test on animals. It’s just far too often that we forget about the journey a product had to take to get to us and most often, it’s through animal testing which is heartbreaking really, so before I even tried this product I was already proud to be a supporter of such a company that doesn’t sacrifice the health and life on innocent beings in the name of beauty products. But this review is not biased because of the fact that they support the freedom of animals. This product has worked just as well as any other wax strips that I’ve tried, removing even coarse hairs. Just as long as the wax strips are heated up enough it works splendidly!

Parissa products are the ultimate option for anyone that gives a damn about the environment, the strips that sandwich the wax are usually a plastic covering, but this company doesn’t even use plastic, they use another material which is cellulose which is eco-friendly and breaks down in the environment.

Parissa wax strips removed my hair effectively leaving little wax residue behind. They can be cut shorter of thinner if you need to use them for other smaller areas. I love wax strips to take with me when I’m away from home. I’ll definitely be purchasing these again and it’s just a massive appealing attribute that they’re so environmentally friendly and have such admirable ethics in regards to how their wax is made.


Quick-quiz "My perfect hair remover"

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