Electric Epilators Buying Guide

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Epilating is a fast and effective method of long lasting hair removal.

It’s important to have a high-quality epilator because having bought a cheap device; you can pay a heavy price for your beauty and health. An epilator of bad quality will not pluck hairs from the root as it is intended to, but it will break the hairs which will lead to skin complications.

We want you to have the best device and enjoy the process of depilation.

What to Consider When Choosing an Epilator?


Modern manufacturers are constantly producing more advanced models which are capable of exceptional depilation accompanied with convenient features to make the process more comfortable.

It is important to choose an epilator of good quality that will do the job well, last you and allow you to enjoy the depilation procedure making your skin beautifully smooth for a long time.

These are the trusted brands providing high quality with necessary features and prices suitable for any budget.  We recommend:

  • Braun
  • Philips
  • Panasonic
  • Rowenta

Other manufacturers could be acknowledged, although we have specifically listed those which are trusted and proven to be of high quality.

Disc and Tweezer Epilators

Plucking hair from the root is the main function and purpose of all epilators. This is done by the rotation of several pairs of plates or discs. As they circulate, they touch each other; they grab the hairs and pluck them out. Epilators are subdivided into disc and tweezer plated. The tweezers in the elipator could be compared to eyebrow tweezers but this device removes multiple hairs at one time.

Both variants of epilators remove not only one hair at a time, but several:

  • Disc – up to 32 hairs
  • Tweezer/Plated – 20 – 40

The more hairs being removed, the quicker the procedure will be.

We recommend the 40-tweezer model.

The device will speed up the depilatory procedure, which is painful under all circumstances.

It is worth mentioning that disc epilators have no risk of an allergic reaction. However, information how to avoid allergic reactions or skin irritation is indicated in the instructions.

Pain-Relief Function

Many people talk about how painful the procedure is for them, but also many consumers confirm that after 4 weeks the skin in the area of epilation becomes incredibly smooth as hairs become thinner and sparser. This is true, as the hair follicles become damaged; hair follicles are likely to stop growing completely.

Manufacturers try to create features that can make the epilation process less painful. Let’s see what to look out for:

  • Cooling – refrigerated gel pack to be applied on the area of skin before epilating. Alternatively, they can be replaced with cooled towels or ice packs.
  • Cool air blowing – blowing unit which directs cool air to the processed area. These devices are mainly produced by Philips. It is a good option for those with sensitive skin.
  • Vibromassage – relaxes the skin and significantly relieves pain from depilation. Users notice exceptional work of this function from the epilators of the brand Braun.

Speed Ranges

The original models had one speed, and users got by with it. Now devices have two speeds, and some are equipped with three ranges of speed.

  • Speed 1 – Slow. For thick coarse hair removal. It is not suitable for long hair because it cannot be plucked and will just break.
  • Speed 2 – Normal. It specifically suited to pluck longer hairs. The head inertness allows grabbing the hairs and plucking from the roots with a rapid movement.
  • Speed 3 – Fast. This speed range is a fast procedure with a relevant increase of pain.

Epilator Head

Since the epilating procedure presupposes the occurrence of micro-irritations of the skin, hygiene should always come first. The head of the operating unit of the epilator may be removable or integrated into the device frame. A removable head is definitely much more convenient for cleaning and disinfection.

Power Supply

There is either a power line supply or accumulator available. Choose depending on your individual needs, taking into account whether you will take your epilator on trips or you will use it only at home near the electric outlets. Also you should be aware of the time limit of the accumulator. If the operating time limit is 30-40 minutes, it will be not enough for the whole procedure, which will be inconvenient to use.

Additional Features and Attachments

  • Light: Shining light helps to grab even the thinnest of hairs. As a whole, it is entirely possible to do without, if the depilatory procedure is conducted in a well-lit area.
  • Set of Heads: Especially for underarm and bikini zones. Devices completed with a set of heads are frequently produced by the brand Philips with an applicable name – Bikini Perfect. Rowenta can offer comparable models by the name of Silence Bikini.

There are epilators now that are available providing ultimate convenience equipped with not only the epilating head but also shaving heads, an eyebrow trimmer for precise hair shortening, a separate bikini area trimmer for intimate haircuts and more. So you can basically purchase one device and recieve an awesome epilating device, an electric razor for women and a trimmer.

These heads significantly influence the total price of the device. If you intend to do these areas, they are necessary for comfort and convenience getting to the hard-to-reach areas.

There are even heads available for those who are new to epilating. The point of these additions is very simple: they disguise a part of the tweezers and they are not used during the depilatory procedure. Fewer hairs are plucked at once making the process less painful.

We have considered all the major aspects which may help choose the best and most ideal epilator for you.

Epilator Maintenance

An epilator as any other hygiene item needs to be carefully maintained. It is necessary to wipe the epilator with a cotton wool preliminary wetted in alcohol before each application. After the depilation, the head of the device should be accurately washed under water or cleaned with a special brush. After cleaning the brushes also should be washed under water.

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    • fotoepil says:

      Sometimes epilation can cause a slight skin irritation (especially if your skin isn’t used to this process of hair removal) therefore its best not to do it right before you go somewhere. Try to plan ahead and do your hair removal the day before. It’s best to do it in the evening so that your skin has time to relax and calm down from any irritation that may have occured, then you can wake up in the morning and enjoy your silky smooth skin.

  1. Morgan says:

    How can I avoid ingrown hairs? I’ve heard this is the main downfall to epilating, if I can reduce the chance of this happening then I’m willing to give it a go.

    • fotoepil says:

      Exfoliation is vital when it comes to avoiding ingrown hairs. Do this before epilating and it will clear away dead skin cells and reduce the chance of ingrown hairs. This means the new hair will have a clear path to grow.

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