Best Reusable and Disposable Razors for Women

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Women who take care of their appearance fight for their skin smoothness both in summer and in winter. It’s necessary to have a good quality razor which is why it’s important to understand what the best razor for women is, as they tend to be used just as often as men use theirs. There are different kinds of hair removal for women including hair removal cream, wax strips, as well as laser hair removal and more, but shaving with razors is the most common of all simply because they are cheap and convenient to use in the shower and can be purchased anywhere.

Main Features of a Women’s Razor

There are two types of razors: disposable and reusable.

Disposable Razors

Disposable razors were invented about 30 years ago. A disposable razor has an irremovable head. This razor is cheap, convenient to take traveling and easy to use. Although it does not have any special features, the main purpose about of disposable razors is the fact that they are quick and easy and can be thrown away without a doubt after shaving. It is complementary to the reusable razor used at home.

The Best Disposable Razors

The main manufacturers of disposable razors are BIC and Shick. The best disposable razors have a pivoting head and a moisture strip.

– BIC Soleil Color Collection 3-Blade Disposable Razors $9

  • 8x disposable razors.

Soleil BIC disposable razors are a cheap and affordable option of disposable razors but still ensure a quality shave. They are 3-blade disposable razors, enriched with an aloe vera and vitamin E lubricating strip which pampers your skin while you shave.  Buying in bulk works out to be the most affordable in most cases and it doesn’t differ with disposable razors, these work out to be just over $1 each. This kit of BIC razors come with a selection of beautifully bright, vibrant colors.  The textured rubber handle is sturdy and provides a comfortable, controlled grip for shaving.  These are perfect for slipping into a bag or taking anywhere away from home for quick touch-ups and maintaining smooth skin anywhere you are.

Reusable Razors

Reusable razors are no less popular. They are produced by Gillette, Schick, and BIC. The manufacturers focus on a better design, making the shaving process comfortable and safe. For example, the main feature of BIC razors is a platinum coating of high-quality stainless steel blades, which increase the life of the blades, while the company Gilette produces razors with a movable triple blade, such as in the Mach3 model. The company Shick also has a few models with three-dimensional moving blades. Most of the modern reusable razors are made with a floating head which follows the contours of the body, increasing the quality and safety of shaving.

Reusable razors of the same manufacturer have standard connectors with the possibility to change the head. With proper care, one reusable razor can be used for three to six months.

Since a razor is no longer an exclusively men’s tool, many manufacturers now produce a whole series of ladies razors that feature elegant designs and bright color (most often is pink or – rarely – blue). Therefore, if the color and design are not important, you have unlimited choice.

– Schick Hydro Silk Razor for Women $8.50

  • 2x razor blade refills.

The Schick Hydro Silk razor has 5 curve sensing blades which ensure utmost closeness to the skin.  It has unique skin guards which reduce skin irritation from shaving.  The razor features a water-activated Hydra-Boost serum that’s formulated with nourishing shea butter leaving the skin moisturized, soft and hydrated for up to 2 hours after shaving.   The blades are dermatologist tested and clinically proven to provide lasting hydration.  This razor is appropriate for those with sensitive skin. The Schick Hydro Silk Razor has an ergonomic soft-touch rubber handle for easy handling ensuring an enjoyable and comfortable shave.

– Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Men’s Razor $12.50

  • 2x razor blade refills.

This is the “best seller” on amazon and certainly deserves the position, as its design provides the best shave as all factors are taken into consideration from the ease of use, comfort, and effectiveness. The Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Razor has the thinnest and finest blades the manufacturers have ever produced which glide through the hair effortlessly with less tug and pull. It has a precision trimmer for hard to reach areas. The razor features a flex ball which responds to every contour, getting virtually every hair.  It has an enhanced lubricating strip in comparison to the older Gillette models. When it comes to purchasing replacement blades, it conveniently fits all Fusion5 blade refills. This razor definitely lives up to all expectations; you’ll definitely understand its worth once you experience the exceptional shave that the Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Razor provides.

– Gillette Venus Swirl Women’s Razor $12.50

  • 2x razor blade refills.

The Gillette Venus Swirl features 5 contour blades which are the finest and thinnest blades of all the previous Venus models; this advanced blade technology captures virtually every hair. The flexball moves the razor head in multiple directions, not just up or down, contouring perfectly to tricky areas like around the ankles or the knees, ensuring a flawless shave.  The water-activated MoistureGlide serum ensures an incredible glide while keeping your skin feeling moisturized long after your shave.  The razor features a MicroFine comb which guides hair to the blades that capture virtually every hair.  This pretty razor has a very comfortable grip which ensures a pleasant shave…

– Schick Intuition Razor for Women $9.50

  • 2x moisturizing razor blade refills

Schick Intuition ensures ultimate convenience as it eliminates the need for shaving gel, lotion or soap as it’s has shaving cream right on the razor itself which is enriched with coconut milk and almond oil.  It completely nourishes the skin while and leaves it feeling soft and looking radiant long after the shave.  It has a pivoting head with four blades, perfectly contouring to the body’s curves.  The razor’s handle design is the sturdiest of all and provides the most comfortable and sure grip possible. This super-convenient razor gives you the possibility to lather and shave in one step, as long as the skin is wet it’ll glide smoothly along the surface. Shaving is as easy and as enjoyable as possible with this cute and thoughtfully designed razor!

Additional Functions to Ladies Razors

Think about whether you need additional functions of the razor. For example, there are razors with shaving gel integrated into the blades. It seems comfortable and quick shaving, but the pads with gel wear out faster than the blades themselves, and you need to change the removable head much more often. Can you accept that uneconomical solution? But in case you have sensitive skin constantly suffering from irritations, choosing a razor with moistening strips will be reasonable.

The Number of Blades

Decide on other characteristics of a razor. How many blades do you want in the shaving head? The more blades, the quicker shaving is and the smoother the skin will be after the procedure. But your chances to cut yourself also increase. Also, keep in mind; the more blades in a head, the higher price. You have to buy blades every 2-3 weeks, depending on how frequently you use the razor. Some models of razors also have a micro comb which raises the hairs, allowing you to shave them more carefully.

The Best Razor for Women

The best razor for women will allow you to enjoy your shaving, look for a safe, quick and high-quality option. Most importantly, make the decision whether you want to use a disposal or reusable razor.

The Difference between Women’s Razors & Men’s

Manufacturers produce more and more new models of ladies razors that are designed for a comfortable, pleasant shaving procedure. However, is there any difference between the women’s and men’s razors? And if there is not, why do we then pay more?

The myth of the difference between women’s and men’s razors was invented by advertisers and marketers. Modern men’s razors do not differ from women’s and also have a comfortable handle with a ribbed surface that prevents slipping. They also have a floating head that facilitates the process of removing hairs.
Thus, the comfort of use and agility of women’s razors are not different from the same qualities of razors designed for men.

Both men’s and women’s razors have a moisturizing strip with an extract of aloe. In addition, they both are equipped with a rotary head with a triple blade, which makes it easier to remove hair in hard-to-reach places. The only difference between razors is their color: the men’s version is always dark, while the women’s razors are often pink, or feminine. Choosing a razor, first of all, you need to focus not on the functionality and quality of the blades not on whether it is specifically designed to be a women razor or men’s.

A woman’s face razor is the same as a man’s face razor and a safety razor for women is just a men’s razor with a pivoting head and a moisture strip. All in all, these razors are the same, only differing in color!

How to Shave Correctly

It does not matter, which razor you have chosen, men’s or women’s, you need to make sure you shave correctly. First, you need to steam your skin to let pores open. Then, you need to scrub your legs to clean off dead cells and apply a moisturizer whether it’s a cream soap, special foam or fragrant shower gel. You should leave it on your skin for about three minutes.

It is advisable to use special shaving cosmetics, as they don’t clog the blade of the razor and – unlike soap – does not dry the skin.

Hair removal should not take more than fifteen minutes. You should shave the hair while having a hot shower, but if you have been doing this too long, your skin may get pucker, and the razor can cut off the upper layer of the epidermis. So, trying too hard can cause an infection instead of a proper shave.

After removal all of the unwanted hair, you should gently dab your skin with a towel and apply a women’s lotion containing after shaving ingredients to moisturize and soothe the skin. You should change the blades of your razor after four uses since the blunt edges can hurt the epidermis and cause irritation.

When it’s Necessary to Have the Best Women’s Razor

Let’s pay special attention to the delicate areas of the skin, such as the bikini zone. Shaving there is quite a delicate task, and therefore it is important to know all the peculiar issues. Doing this you should not only think about aesthetics but also take into consideration your comfort and some practical aspects. Just because hair removal on the legs is easy and quite comfortable this doesn’t mean the bikini zone will be just as easy even if you have the best women’s razor available.

Choosing a Shaving Cream

Along with the razor, you should also choose the right shaving cream. The variety of formulations on the modern market makes the right choice easier, but you should consider on some nuances.

  • You should not buy a cream for men. Women’s skin is softer and tenderer and may have an allergic reaction or feel irritated.
  • It is also not recommended using an ordinary soap. Of course, it will foam, but also may have a negative impact on sensitive skin. The optimal is to use a specific gel or foam for sensitive skin. The fact is that those products foam perfectly and, thereby, protect the skin from almost all types of mechanical damages.
  • After shaving, it is recommended to apply lotion on the skin, which will prevent irritation and itching.

Shaving Techniques

How to shave the bikini zone properly using a razor is most important. The method is no less important than a correct shaving cream. Understandably, a razor in unskillful hands can quickly turn the whole procedure into a painful nightmare. Even with the best women’s razor, it’s important to know the right technique for a successful shave. The correct shaving of the bikini area involves the following:

  • First of all, before shaving cut excessively long hairs with scissors or a bikini trimmer. That will greatly facilitate the hair removal.
  • Preparing the bikini zone, you need wet the area with warm water and, then, apply a gel or foam.
  • You need to wait a few minutes. This will allow the active components of the shaving cream to soften the delicate area, as well as the hair.
  • Now you can start shaving.
  • You should shave with a wet razor in the direction of hair growth. Otherwise, you may cut yourself, cause skin irritation and ingrown hairs.
  • If you feel inconvenience while shaving, pull your skin slightly: this will help a lot.
  • If you, nonetheless, have cut yourself, be sure to treat the wound with peroxide. Only after that, you can apply lotion.
  • Sometimes you may find some ingrown hairs before shaving. Use a scrub in that area before shaving. It will allow extracting the hairs to the surface.
  • After shaving, dab your bikini zone with a soft towel. This will prevent irritation.

In addition to shaving, you may choose to apply a hair growth inhibitor cream to the shaved area which will slow down the growth of hairs and nourish the skin. This will reduce the need to shave as often by prolonging the effects from shaving.

For all women, a razor is ideal and convenient in order to quickly get rid of unwanted hair as often as necessary.



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      Hi Phoebe! This will depend on how often you shave and how large the area is. Generally, after about 5-7 shaves with a disposable razor. You won’t get optimal smooth results if you leave it much longer. Even if you don’t shave that often, you shouldn’t hold onto one razor blade for more than one month as bacteria will build up.

  1. Cassie says:

    How can I properly clean my razor? – I find that mine is always getting clogged up super fast!

    • fotoepil says:

      Run it under water after every 2-3 strokes when shaving. The more frequently you rinse it, the better the shave you will have. After you have finished the shave you can give it a good rinse under warm water once again and soak it in an alcohol solution for a couple of minutes and them pat it dry with a paper towel.

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