9 Best Depilatory Creams for Men and Women

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Hair removal cream is the most in-demand chemical preparation for getting rid of undesirable body hair. It was invented in 1940 and has earned the trust both of women and males through the painless depilation when comparing to mechanical removal (by means of the epilators), the prolonged effect (as contrasting to shaving with men’s or women’s razors) and the affordability.

The depilatory cream is a popular and commonly used preparation against undesirable body hair, which has many advantages as follows: the ease of use, affordability, painlessness of the depilatory procedure, convenient application for the hair removal in the areas which are difficult to epilate and a rather endurable effect.

What’s the Depilatory Definition

To define depilatory is to simply state that it is a cream or lotion for removing unwanted hair. AKA hair removal cream. The depilatory definition couldn’t be any simpler than that.

Types of Hair Removal Creams

There are various hair removal creams available that have different compositions which are elaborated for different skin types and the degree of hair thickness. For example, genital hair removal cream should be gentle and not left on too long without harsh ingredients that could cause an irritation down there. Always check the product on a small patch of skin no matter where you intend to apply it whether it’s specifically intended as a bikini hair removal cream or a hair removal cream for face hair. Even the best hair removal cream should always be tested on a small patch of skin first. Here are hair removal cream reviews that you should read before deciding which product to buy.

A myth regarding depilatory creams is that after the application of these removal products the hair will become harder and grow faster. Actually, if the hair does not become softer and lighter as the manufacturers have assured its structure definitely keeps up.

TOP-3 Hair Removal Creams by Category

Best Facial Hair Removal Cream

Facial hair is annoying because it’s an area that is always shown. But removing facial hair with hair removal cream specifically for this area makes getting rid of it effortlessly. Having a painless method where all that is required is to apply cream to the area without even rubbing it in seems perfect for any woman with unwanted facial hair. The skin on our face is sensitive and delicate so it’s important to use a specific facial hair removal cream for this area.  Facial hair removal creams are specially formulated to attend to such areas. By choosing a cream which is specified for this particular area, you can relax, knowing that the ingredients will not be too harsh to apply to your skin and can safely and successfully remove unwanted hairs. When using hair removal cream for face side effects will only occur if you don’t follow the instructions. Here is our top hair removal cream for face reviews that will help you make a decision.

Veet Facial Hair Remover Cream Kit

About the product:

This formula is designed to work close to the root of the hair and is formulated especially for sensitive facial skin. Veet 2-Step Facial Hair Remover Cream Kit is the best hair removal cream for face hair removal on our ranking for a good reason.

Veet has enriched this facial cream with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which help restore skin’s hydration levels. Your skin will be hairless within 5-10 minutes after the application and removal of the cream. It provides a sensitive application but still is the best facial hair removal cream for coarse hair.

The Veet face hair removal cream kit includes an after-care finishing cream which is pleasantly scented leaving the skin feeling moisturized and hydrated after depilation. There product supplied for several applications. Veet is a trusted hair removal brand and always provides the expected results.

Kit includes: Removal Cream 1.69 FL OZ (49.9ml), Finishing Cream 1.69 FL OZ (49.9ml) and 1 applicator.

 Sally Hansen Hair Removal Cream for Face

About the product:

Sally Hansen’s Facial Hair Removal Cream Duo Kit ensures painless and gentle hair removal for face, upper lip, and chin. This is a favorite among many.

We highly recommend this product as it not only removes the hair with care but it moisturizes your skin and leaves it feeling soothed after the hair has been removed. It is not only enriched with an added moisturizing lotion that cares for the skin but it is actually formulated with vitamin E which is known to smoothen and soften the skin. Sally Hansen’s Facial Hair Removal Cream is enriched with willow seed and a pumpkin seed extract which is known to reduce the appearance of regrowth.

Within 5 minutes maximum, the hair on your face will be gone.

Kit includes: Creme Hair Remover (Net Wt. 2.0 oz 56.7g) and Extra smooth lotion (0.5 fl oz 14.7 ml)

 Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Cream

About the product:

Olay face hair removal cream and balm will leave your skin beautifully soft, smooth and visibly hair-free in two easy steps. The Guarding Balm and Hair Removal Cream work together for gentle removal of medium to coarse facial hair from the upper lip, chin, cheek, and jaw areas.

The balm protects the area of treatment making it a suitable facial hair removal cream for sensitive skin. The application of hair removal cream which will painlessly remove unwanted hair in 8 minutes.

Kit includes: Skin Guarding Balm (Net Wt. 0.06 oz.) and Hair Removal Cream (Net Wt. 0.6 oz.)

How Does a Depilatory Cream Work?

The hair removal cream has a chemical composition which ingredients are oriented to destruct the hair structure and are characterized by a high pH degree; therefore the hair-covering dissolution is more efficient. Potassium or calcium thioglycolates, keratins, and sodium are frequently the key ingredients of the composition, in a few minutes will emolliate a hair to such a state that its visible portion can be easily removed from the surface of the skin.

The hair will not grow for a few days on the areas processed with the cream, and sometimes the effect period reaches a week.

The Application Technique of Hair Removal Cream

  1. Prepare the skin by steaming.
  2. Apply an even layer of on the area and leave on for 3 to 15 minutes depending on the individual cream for hair removal. Specific indications will be on the package.
  3. Removal of the eroded hair-covering with a soft cloth or a special scraper.

It should be mentioned, hair removal cream should be carefully applied, and applied with caution as even the most “harmless” or “well-known” creams on the market have a huge amount of the chemical components which may provoke an allergic reaction.

The day before using the hair removal cream it is necessary to do a test on a small patch of your skin covered with hair and follow up on the reaction. If the skin has flushed or you have the occurrence of stinging or itching, the cream is not suitable for you.

It is best not to jump to conclusions about creams as a whole after an unfavorable application result. Test a new depilatory cream each time until you find the most suitable for you.

Bring your attention to the cream composition (it probably contains the intolerable components), the application instruction and the expiration date.

Keep in mind that the depilated patches of skin must not contact with the solar beams during for 24 hours following as the skin will be vulnerable to easily getting burnt.

Contraindications to the Depilatory Cream Application

The reviews about hair removal creams are mixed: some people use it regularly while others prefer alternative methods of depilation due to the mismatched preparation and as a consequence the unpleasant aftereffect.

As well as any other preparation of chemical compositions the hair removal cream has several contraindications as follows:

  • Dermatological (skin) conditions.
  • Injuries or wounds on the skin.
  • Oncologic formations: cancerous and innocent (fibroids, moles).
  • Pregnancy.
  • The idiosyncrasy of the cream components.

How to Choose the Best Depilatory Cream?

Today hair removal cream is so advanced that each individual can select an ideal preparation depending on the composition and applicability of the product.

The new generation preparations and the best depilatory creams are subdivided into the following types:

  1. Universal creams (which can be applied for any type and patch of skin).
  2. Products for sensitive skin (best hair removal cream for the face and bikini zone).
  3. Preparations for coarse hair (legs and underarm zone).
  4. Hypoallergenic products (for people who have the super sensitive and allergy-predisposed skin).

Moreover, practically each hair removal cream includes the giving care components (oils, extracts of herbs, vitamins) into the product composition, which soften and hydrate the skin once the depilatory procedure is complete. It’s impossible to suggest one as the best depilatory cream as there are many which are equally favorable. The best is to try them out for yourself to see what your personal preference is.

The preparations which are applied for chemical depilation are known to many women. These are various fluids, gels and creams elaborated for the removal of the portion of hair located under the skin surface.

The fundamental advantage of the present type of depilation is its effectiveness; your skin will be smooth and silky like velvet for the following 3-7 days.

Varieties of Hair Removal Creams

Chemical depilatory preparations are produced in the different forms: creams, fluids, aerosols, tubes with the rollers, gels and so on.

It is clear from the name the principle of action that such preparations for depilation are based on the chemical impact on the hair. The majority of depilatory agents are applied for the definitely stated body areas (depending on the sensitivity of the skin). For instance, the creams for depilation of leg zones have the more concentrated compositions in comparison with the creams for bikini zone, because the skin of the legs is less sensitive.

Best Hair Removal Cream for Men

The best mens hair removal cream is chosen as a result of its ultimate convenience. The top 3 creams in our ranking are commonly used to remove unwanted hair on the back, chest, arms, and legs but men are often asking about a specific hair removal cream for mens balls curious to find a way how to remove hair from balls without shaving which is completely understandable because shaving is annoying grows back stubbly and itchy. How to remove hair from balls at home can be just as simple as applying a hair removal cream if your skin can tolerate it. When using a mens hair removal cream for private parts ensure to test a small patch of skin in the area before applying it all over to ensure the cream isn’t going to cause unpleasant feelings. If your skin feels fine with the application of hair removal cream then go ahead and use it.

Nair Men Hair Removal Cream

About the product:

Nair mens hair removal cream is #1 on our ranking as it’s designed specifically for the convenience of men who don’t want to spend excessive amounts of time with tedious hair removal but still want their unwanted hair gone.

When it comes to choosing a hair removal cream Nair men comes in a convenient pump bottle makes a quick and easy application available.  Nair men has a super fast and effective formula that stays on while showering.  The unwanted hair will be removed in a matter of only 4 minutes with results lasting longer than shaving. It’s the best hair removal cream for men because of how easy it makes it for men to remove unwanted hair.

This is designed specifically for men’s coarse hair. Suitable for Back, Chest, Arms, Legs. Formulated with Aloe Vera to smooth & protect the skin.

Nt Wt: 13oz/368g

Although every man has a razor whether it’s an electric razor or not, this doesn’t mean it’s the best way to get rid of excessive amounts of unwanted body hair. Men have thicker hair than women on their face, back, chest, belly and as an alternative to painful wax hair removal or time-consuming shaving, men may like to try men’s hair removal cream.

Nad’s Hair Removal Cream for Men

About the product:

Nads Hair Removal Cream For Men provides a fast and effective hair removal for coarse male body hair. It is suitable for back, chest, arms, legs. It has a super fast & effective 4-minute formula with results that last longer than shaving.

Formulated with soothing aloe vera to help smooth & protect the skin.

Net Wt: 200ml/6.8 fl.oz

The best hair removal cream for men is strong and works fast. Removing unwanted body hair for men doesn’t have to be painful and annoying as it can simply be applied to the necessary areas of the body several minutes before taking a shower. Hair removal for men’s privates with depilatory cream should be carried out with care.

Veet Depilatory Cream For Men

About the product:

Use Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Cream for fast and effective hair removal.  It can take as little as 4 minutes for this product to work its magic. After 6 minutes, simply wash off the cream and enjoy the results.

Veet hair removal cream for men is a quick and effective way to remove body hair leaving your skin feeling smoother for up to twice as long as shaving. It can effectively remove unwanted hair anywhere on the body. To remove hair from balls veet cream can do the trick, just test a small patch of skin first and don’t exceed the recommended leave-on time.

Net Wt: 200ml/6.8 fl.oz

Best Pubic Hair Removal Cream

Removing hair can be tricky, especially when deciding what method to go for. Many people opt for hair removal cream for pubic area as it’s painless, effortless can be easily implemented from home.  After deciding to remove pubic hair with hair removal cream, it is important to choose the specific cream for the area. The best hair removal cream for private parts must be gentle as this area is delicate and extremely sensitive so you can’t go putting any harsh products down there, as this will cause an unpleasant irritation. Thankfully manufacturers have catered to our needs and created hair removal cream for women’s private parts to remove unwanted hair without irritation or reactions. We have two Nair hair removal reviews in this ranking because it has proven to be the most suitable most kind for the bikini area.

Nair Bikini Hair Removal Cream

About the product:

The Nair Bikini Cream has a sensitive formula with specific ingredients that soothes the area.  The formula, with Green tea extracts, leaves your skin soft and smooth. It’s an effective and easy bikini hair removal cream ideal for women with sensitive skin.

This cream is perfect for women with sensitive skin as Nair Sensitive Formula Bikini Cream is specially designed to gently and quickly remove hair around tender bikini lines without any irritation.

Dermatologist tested.

Net Wt: 1.7oz


Nair Cocoa Butter Genital Hair Removal Cream

About the product:

Nair Hair Removal Cream is suitable for eliminating unwanted body hair on the legs, arms, underarms, and bikini area. Your will enjoy smooth and radiant skin after using this product thanks to the rich cocoa butter and vitamin E that the cream is formulated with.

Nair Hair Removal Lotion will beautify your skin in as little as 3 minutes with smooth skin that lasts days longer than shaving.

Dermatologist tested

Net Wt: 9oz / 225g


Avon Hair Removal Cream for Women’s and Men’s Privates

About the product:

For easy hair removal, this is an ideal bikini hair removal cream. Remove unwanted hair in the bikini area with Avon’s hair removal cream that is fragrance-free specially formulated for sensitive skin formula with aloe.

Many users with sensitive skin have claimed this genital hair removal cream to not even cause the slightest irritation.

Net Wt: 2.5oz

The Lasting Effect and Periodicity of Procedure

The Effect is from 3 till 7 days. Then the procedure of chemical depilation may be repeated.

What you will need:

  • Depilatory cream
  • Disposable gloves
  • Preparation for hair growth retardation

Recommendations for Further Skin Care

After using the depilatory cream, apply the preparation for hair growth retardation. In order to avoid an interaction of chemical compounds, use all preparations from one brand/producer.  To prolong the effects of smooth skin after using the depilatory cream, apply a hair growth inhibitor cream to the area. This will slow down the growth of hairs and nourish the skin.

Advice: Directly after the depilatory creams and gels application it is not recommended to get a sun-tan because such chemicals may have a negative impact on the pigmentation of your skin. As well as before important events, where you must look your best, do not use these preparations on your face or naked areas of the skin, in the case of an inflammatory occurrence you will not be able to disguise the defect.

At-Home Chemical Depilatory

The obvious advantage of this type of the hair removal is the opportunity to select that particular cosmetic preparation which is corresponded to your type of skin and depilating zone. But unfortunately, the silky smoothness of skin will not gladden you for a long period time; as the removed hair will grow back in as little as 3-7 days. If you are looking for hair removal methods with minimal pain that have longer results, consider sugaring hair removal or for more permanent effects look into ELOS hair removal hair removal.


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    • fotoepil says:

      Most of the time, no.
      But, it depends entirely on the individual. If you experience pain or burning, immediately wash it off. Be sure to leave it on for the indicated amount of time on the package and nothing longer. If your skin isn’t the really sensitive type, it should be totally fine. But in any case, always do an allergy test on a small area 24 hours before you apply the cream to a larger area of skin.

    • fotoepil says:

      Actually, you shouldn’t need to do that at all. Perhaps if after you have finished the procedure, you notice some spots where you didn’t apply the cream and were supposed to and don’t want to apply the cream and wait 10 minutes again then maybe you would just want to quickly remove the spot of hair with your razor. If you are using the cream for an area of thick or stubborn hair, then make sure the cream you have chosen is of a suitable strength.

    • Kathy Harland says:

      Yes, it’s one of the best hair removal creams on the market. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to use this brand. My first time using Veet was over 10 years ago and it was really effective then and now they’ve made the components more nourishing and even better!

    • Kathy Harland says:

      Nair is a hair removal cream that is well-known and works really well. Side effects can range from a mild tingling or burning sensation or the appearance of a rash which is why you should ALWAYS test it on a small area of skin before applying it to a large area. This applies to ALL hair removal creams. Then there will be no unpleasant suprise if your skin does not agree with the components.

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