About Me

Hi there,
You have come to this blog because you are interested in hair removal. Well, you have come to the right place.

We all have the desire to be hair-free in certain areas of our bodies and thank goodness there are many techniques that can help us achieve this.

What works for some might not work for another. Some methods require continuous maintenance while others require a series of treatments to provide a permanent result; it all depends on your budget, characteristics and your personal preferences. I have experienced with different hair removal methods and studied all the options available today.

I have interviewed professionals to understand their view on particular methods including the pros and cons of each approach.

I am originally from Granada in Spain and now live in New Jersey in the States; I have traveled a lot which really interested me in hair removal methods in different countries and what they most commonly use.

My target is to share all the information I have found out over the years to make the decision of choosing the perfect method of hair removal an easier process for both men and women. This blog shows hair removal approaches that are the most common as well as other ways that you may not have heard of.

Through trial and error, I have realized and now understand what works best for me and what doesn’t. I hope you too will find the perfect way to remove your unwanted hair and enjoy being hair-free in the areas you wish this summer and more.
If you have any questions, I will answer as promptly as possible and would love to help.

You can contact me on Google+, or send me an e-mail here:

Wishing you confidence and silky smooth skin.
All the best,
Kathy Harland