17 Proven Methods to Remove Unwanted Hair at Home

A diverse range of hair removal methods are available and choosing the most suitable approach depends on several individual factors.

Essentially it comes down to the price range, the location of desired hair removal, how long the effect will last and the color of skin and hair in the area.

Some methods of hair removal are suitable for particular skin and hair colors; some methods are longer lasting and are likely to be more costly while other methods are more painful which is a problem for some people more than others.

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Laser epilation

Laser hair removal devices of the new generation are designed for women with all skin types and hair colors. The wide screen allows removing a few dozen hairs from the face or body within a flash (only taking 5 minutes to treat one shin). What is important, is that it does not hurt but only slightly tickles and the redness will be completely gone within a couple of hours. You only need three sessions to say goodbye to unwanted body hair eternally.
It should be noted that the decision to get rid of unwanted hair in this way will force you to put up with some inconveniences for quite a long time. The fact is that the laser beam only affects and eliminates hair which is in the active growth phase, but “sleeping” bulbs are out of reach.


  • minimal pain, just slight tingling while the laser beam destroys a hair follicle;
  • It’s completely safe when the procedure is performed correctly;
  • water and air cooling in modern laser devices;
  • short procedure only taking a few minutes to treat 10 square centimeters of skin;
  • stable and sustainable result after going through with the series of procedures; and
  • it smoothes the skin its structure, improving the overall appearance.


  • hormonal disorders may result in it being ineffective;
  • chronic diseases and infections of the skin could occur;
  • diseases of the hematopoietic system and internal organs; and
  • it is not a method for pregnant women.


Sugar and water (sometimes with lemon) are mixed in certain proportions until it becomes a thick sticky mass. Then, you make a ball of the mass and roll it on the skin; sticking as it rolls while pulling hairs out. The principle of sugaring, or sugaring depilation, is similar to waxing with one core difference: the hair is removed by the growth in order to reduce the possibility of ingrown hairs.


  • 100% natural, ideal for sensitive skin;
  • hair is removed from the root;
  • no allergic reactions or skin irritation; and
  • even the finiest hairs can be removed.


  • if performed professionally, the cost is about a third more expensive than waxing;
  • it may not remove the stiff hair that was previously shaved. Therefore, it is quite often advised to wax several times before starting the sugaring procedure; and
  • it’s quite painful, although less than waxing. It’s worth noting, that over time it’s likely you’ll stop feeling any pain.


Depilation using radiofrequency and light pulses has outdone the methods of IPL and laser. ELOS technology is suitable for all skin and hair colors (even gray) regardless. It can be performed on any area of the body and takes only 6-7 weekly home treatments for permanent hair reduction. The ESOS is most effective and fastest laser available, so expect remarkably smooth long-lasting results.


  • long-lasting result;
  • it can be done at home;
  • no specific hair length required beforehand and can even be performed on clean-shaven skin;
  • no ingrown hairs after the procedure;
  • it’s suitable for any type of hair;
  • it can be done anytime of the year as being in the sun afterward is not an issue; and
  • there is no direct contact with the skin making the procedure safe and the risk of infection or skin damage close to zero.


  • expensive, although compensated with its’ high quality and guaranteed result;
  • bikini area is difficult to do yourself (especially, with a deep bikini line); and
  • at home devices do not have the same effectiveness as professionals, therefore the results may differ.


Photo impulses can destroy hair follicles at a record pace, taking less than half an hour for both legs. After a few months of applying this method, the skin will be perfectly smooth. But it is true is that the method is only suitable for those who have dark hair and light skin.


  • it is absolutely painless. If tingling occurs, the power is most likely set too high;
  • there is no infection risk at all;
  • it’s efficient, 5 to 30 minutes for one session;
  • the procedure stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which help keep your skin young and firm longer;
  • it’s possible to remove hair on any part of the body;
  • doesn’t cause ingrown hairs and removes those that already exist; and
  • you can throw your razor away after the procedure!


  • the high cost of the device;
  • cannot get rid of gray hair;
  • if your skin is prone to scarring, epilation may leave slight traces; and
  • there is a risk of burns. But only if the setting is incorrect.

Roll-on wax

Applying wax is an absolute breeze when it comes directly from a cartridge with a roller applicator. Not to mention how hygienic this method of epilation is; there’s absolutely no need to even touch the roller wax itself. It’s a comfortable and convenient method applied at a low temperature. Before the procedure, it should be warmed in the microwave or in a special wax heater for just a few seconds. You might need strips as they are not always included in the kit. This is the easiest method to remove hair when it comes to waxing!


  • it’s simple & quick. Once you’ve got the technique down to a tee (applying a light pressure along your skin is best). There’s no need to apply the wax and spread it out with a spatula as you do with hard wax beads. Just roll on and strip it off;
  • no mess – no chance of wax splatters or accidently spilling a pot of hot wax and making a massive mess everywhere. It’s all compactly packed up neatly ready for use;
  • it’s hygienic – no need to even touch the wax which makes it a very clean technique;
  • it’s cost-effective – designed to be applied in a thin, consistent wax layer which is sufficient for removing the hair; and
  • it’s versatile. There are different sized rollers available meaning this technique can be used for basically any area of the body.


  • some brands may be too strong for applying in delicate areas such as the bikini line;
  • may cause skin irritation;
  • a risk of contamination if a new cartridge and head are not implemented in professional spas and salons;
  • it’s painful;
  • some brands have cartridges that get too hot to hold; and
  • wax shouldn’t be used over varicose veins, moles, warts or skin that is damaged in any way including sunburnt skin, so, if you have any of these on the area you want your hair removed, then this method is not an option.

Hard Wax

Mixes of resin and beeswax of different temperatures are used for the waxing procedure. You will need paper strips for removing the substance. Using warm wax does not leave any chance for hair growth in the bikini area, arms or legs while hot wax can successfully cope even with the thickest and coarsest body hair.

In addition to the classic thick compositions of wax, it also can be granulated or in a gel-like form and can come in different colors and flavors. These are only for pleasure and do not affect the final result: in any case, you can forget about hair removal for at least one week.


  • with regular use, hair becomes softer and thinner;
  • the tip of the hair becomes pointed as hair grows straight out of the follicle;
  • no irritation of the skin such as itching or redness;
  • it can be performed at home; and
  • it’s affordable.


  • it’s painful, especially for those with sensitive skin;
  • hair can be damaged right under the skin or on its surface;
  • you should take precautions to prevent skin contamination; and
  • in the case of self-waxing, it is difficult to remove all hair evenly.


The procedure is also called cold waxing. Ready-to-use high-quality wax strips can easily pull your hair out by the root. As a bonus, the strips are embedded with moisturizing and soothing ingredients.


  • easy and simple to use;
  • no extra equipment needed, only the wax strips alone;
  • low cost, one strip can be used several times;
  • long lasting effect, up to 4 weeks; and
  • gradual deterioration of hair growth as a result of bulbs being regularly damaged.


  • it’s painful;
  • sticky skin due to wax residues;
  • possible risk of an allergic reaction to the ingredients of the strips;
  • sometimes you need to clean up remaining hair with tweezers;
  • possible bruises or scratches on your skin when strips are not fixed well;
  • the risk of damaged hairs leading to their growth accelerating; and
  • the possibility of hair coarsening when wax strips are used on the face.

Spring Hair Remover

A metal spiral with handles at both ends is another invention of Asian craftsmen. It is designed to use on the upper lip, chin, and cheeks. It does everything in a matter of minutes leaving no hair, nor redness.


  • effective and quick method of removing hair right from the root;
  • no mess, only one tool involved & it’s easy to clean;
  • little practice and then it will be super easy to use;
  • travel-friendly; and
  • there’s little to no irritation.


  • first time may be painful.
  • requires practice before it becomes a faster and easier process;
  • it cannot be used on wet or loose skin;
  • it should only be used for facial hair on a woman;
  • it can cause red bumps on sensitive skin; and
  • it cannot treat eyebrows.

Facial Hair & Eyebrows: Threading

It seems sophisticated, but after watching tutorial videos you can bravely and confidently eliminate hair that is short, thin, slightly-colored, and barely noticeable fine hair as well as single hairs on your face using a single silk thread.


  • no damage to the skin and no harmful effect;
  • it’s cheap
  • it’s completely hygienic; and
  • it’s very fast to get the desired results.


  • as several hairs are removed at once, it may seem more painful than, for example, plucking with tweezers;
  • it’s better to leave hair removal threading to professionals, which means that the cost of the procedure will be higher;
  • with a lack of experience, threading could be improperly performed and the hair will not be removed but torn; and
  • you may feel a tingling sensation due to the friction of the thread on the skin.


If you need to remove just a few hairs, tweezers could cope perfectly with the task. Whether they are backlit or not, it doesn’t matter, most importantly, they do not break the hairs but remove them from the root. It is better to pre-steam the skin and, then, gently pulling, grab the hair and sharply pull the hair out in the direction of growth.


  • ideal for eyebrow correction and removing a small amount of hair;
  • it’s cheap and portable;
  • the method does not require any additional expenses except the acquisition of tweezers only; and
  • by correcting eyebrows with tweezers gives the most accurate and defined results.


  • hair removal with tweezers is relatively slow, boring and sometimes painful, therefore it is not suitable for large areas;
  • improper use of tweezers can cause ingrown or broken hairs; and
  • people with sensitive skin may have redness after plucking.

Active Enzyme Epilation

It is the only way to remove hair at home permanently without the use of any hardware devices. Enzyme serums are applied after the removal of hair from the root. Enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin penetrate into the empty hair follicles and destroy them. After the first use the hair can start growing back again but after the fourth or fifth time (the procedure is carried out 1-2 times a month) growth will decline. For complete removal, it will take at least six months.

The active enzyme hair removal procedure is not limited to one session. Since human hair develops in a particular cycle, in order to get rid of the hair completely, you should undergo a course of several procedures.


  • suitable for people with highly sensitive skin;
  • the procedure is completely painless;
  • there are no need time-consuming preparations before the procedure;
  • the procedure doesn’t take long – one procedure of both legs takes only 45 minutes;
  • suitable for any type of skin and hair color;
  • can treat a large area at once, so it is a high advantage for people who have excessive unwanted hair growth;
  • as a rule, there are no ingrown hairs after the procedure; and
  • it can be used in hard to reach places such as the bikini area and underarms.


  • slow hair involution;
  • the use of chemical agents slightly limits the number of potential candidates for the enzymatic method of hair removal;
  • extremely thick hair may not be dissolved completely;
  • after the first procedure, the hair grows back rather fast and it requires several sessions for a permanent effect; and
  • it is undesirable to use enzymes on the face.

Hair Removal Cream

From first impressions, it is the ideal hair removal method. All you need is to apply the special cream or spray it on your skin and, after a few minutes, remove it along with the hair. The special formula destroys the hair shaft. In fact, not all hairs are the same; some are thinner, thicker, longer, shorter and so on. In order to avoid bare spots, the procedure must be repeated several times.


  • it’s painless;
  • no effort involved;
  • it’s relatively cheap; and
  • can be used for hair removal in the bikini area.


  • the risk of allergic reactions (always do a test for sensitivity before use);
  • possible irritation;
  • poor result if hairs are thick; and
  • restriction to use chemical depilatory products for eyebrows areas as it can cause burns of the mucosa.

Bikini trimmer

It is the same as the trimmer but not used for the ears. It is intended for the intimate areas. With the help of the styler, it is easy to make intimate hairstyles, both simple and creative. The kit includes stickers in the form of hearts, crowns, lightning and so on.


  • suitable for whole body grooming, allowing you to closely shave or just trim;
  • easy to clean and maintain;
  • quick and gentle, the blades don’t touch the skin, so there is no need to fear of cuts;
  • it’s absolutely painless;
  • wet or dry use;
  • light and convenient to carry;
  • can be used virtually anywhere, as long as the battery is charged or there is an electrical outlet for the device to be charged; and
  • you can be creative while styling your hair at home.


  • it can be rather time-consuming;
  • they require constant cleaning and maintenance;
  • some devices are rather loud;
  • batteries or the charged life of the device could run out during the shaving/styling process; which would be annoying, ensure it’s charged sufficiently before starting;
  • people with sensitive skin may experience razor burn with some stylers; and
  • hairs aren’t removed from the root, it doesn’t take long before they grow back again.


How to remove hair from your ears and nose at home? It is as easy as pie when you have nail scissors. A more civilized and advanced way is to use a compact trimmer. I can assure you, a rotating trimmer head is the most convenient and safe.

  • attachments make accurate shaping and styling easy;
  • gentle, safe and absolutely painless;
  • it’s versitile and can be used in numerous areas of the body with different connections;
  • it’s fast and effective;
  • there is no need for gel or shaving cream;
  • wet or dry;
  • it’s portable;
  • easy to clean; and
  • no razor burn.
  • some have only one length option;
  • good for removing excess hair but doesn’t shave right to the skin;
  • it could be a little noisy;
  • hairs are not removed from the root so they won’t take long to grow back; and
  • the possibility of battery life running out during the process.

Electric epilator

Though similar to the shaver, this device removes hairs from the root. The first time the procedure can be quite painful but over time, new hairs become thinner making them easier to pull out. Cooling, massage and peeling nozzles help reduce discomfort.


  • chance to permanently get rid of unwanted hair;
  • easy and comfortable to use.
  • can easily travel it;
  • it’s compact and extremely handy.
  • it takes only 10-15 minutes to clear up excess hairs;
  • long-term use and economic;
  • it’s a reliable device for controlling unwanted hair growth for a long time, the lifetime of these appliances ranges from 5 to 10 years; and
  • models are equipped with a battery and can be used anywhere.


  • it’s painful;
  • ingrown hairs;
  • irritation in sensitive areas
  • contradictions for women with varicose veins;
  • minor bruising may occur, if capillaries are too thin and close to the skin; and
  • it is not recommended to use in the case of scratches, skin damages, and moles.

Women's Razors

Shaving is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to remove unwanted hair. However, it is necessary to use it every two or three days, as your hairs are cut but not removed from the root.


  • easy to use;
  • absolutely painless;
  • fast and efficient method; and
  • it’s cheap.


  • short-term effect;
  • ingrown hairs;
  • irritation in bikini area and/or underarms;
  • stimulation of potential hair growth;
  • risk of cuts; and
  • coarse hairs after shaving.

Women's Electric Razor

This option has all the advantages of a shaving razor and even more: the blades are hidden behind a steel mesh which not only eliminates the hair but also prevents from cuts. All other pros and cons are the same as with a razor.


  • there’s no need for a shaving cream or gel;
  • there’s not even any need for water, although with some models you can;
  • this method is quick;
  • it’s painless; and
  • some can be used in both wet and dry conditions.


  • not the closest possible shave;
  • could cause irritation for those with sensitive skin;
  • a risk of ingrown hairs;
  • the result doesn’t last long as the hair isn’t removed from the root;
  • time-consuming in large areas like the entire legs; and
  • you need to remember to keep it charged sufficiently in order to get enough usage time out of it or electrical power point available.